The use of medicinal plants
The use of medicinal plants, to help nurse, biographies of men of science and medicine The vegetation of Russia is diverse - from tundra in the far North, to the…

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Medicinal plants of Kyrgyzstan
Open the reference medicinal plants. St. John's wort, mint, thyme, Valerian, motherwort, hawthorn, dog-rose, mother-and-stepmother, oregano, plantain, juniper, birch, cornflower, chamomile. All of this list of generous presents in Kyrgyzstan.…

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Unconventional cancer treatment

Unfortunately most people are lazy by nature and prefer to be in ignorance and inaction regarding their own health. This is especially true of emerging diseases, such as cancer. The same ignorance leads to the fact that instead of professional help of the oncologist, the sick and their relatives are unconventional cancer treatment instead approved by official medicine.

On the basis of acute interest to unconventional methods of cancer treatment have evolved a special kind of quackery associated with the promotion of miraculous medicines (with huge value) and dietary Supplements, which if does not help, and may be detrimental to the course of the disease. And who is responsible for the damage caused by the use of these dietary Supplements? Is distributor network of the company responsible? He doesn’t know how.

Another story from my practice. It was ten years ago. My good friend, whom I respected highly, was sick and looking for treatment options traditional healers, as conventional medicine that it. It was not cancer. I was not very comfortable to torture him, and he did not create much impression of the patient. In conversation he told about the interesting man who allegedly cures cancer. I was curious and I asked a friend to take me to the next therapy session.

Had to go 200 miles to another city. In the end, I met with the author of a technique and the other half we discussed everything that was around this technique.I have to say that the methodology of grass with Tibet, the psychological effects and heavy exercise. Yes, herbs against cancer. especially with Tibet apparently can fight. True grass with Tibet need to know to a nicety, and you can make the assumption that the Tibetans they work better than on residents, for example, Perepolkin. We were born and raised in a DIFFERENT environment, in a different place and use a would need to that grows in this place. Well, or close to that location. It’s the truth.

With herbs from Tibet, I came to the conclusion that non-traditional cancer treatment that in the doctor (in his 30s with a little old) was of special psychological treatment of people and forcing them to heavy physical exertion. And, as I understand it, this three-tier approach was used by the medicine man and treatment of other diseases. But he is particularly proud of is exactly the cancer treatment. Supposedly one girl he fixed up free of charge in exchange for her promise to act on a TV ad, but the girl recovered and escaped without advertising talks.

The witch doctor was quite established and many of the topics talked quite sensibly. However, as a result, my friend who went to him for therapy sessions a year after our visit unexpectedly (by ambulance) died. And other cured I was able to see and record positive results. However, the fundraising powwow held regularly. This is such a sad story.

However, there are other examples. In particular cancer treatment in Germany since 1992 increasingly relies on unconventional methods. But these methods are not mindlessly, and after a long period of clinical trials. Alternative therapies were introduced in the course of the medical schools of Germany. Used drugs are subject to review by a special Commission, which determines the safety of their use. And it came to the point that treatment of patients using unconventional cancer treatment may be covered by health insurance.

But it’s not the fruit of a sick imagination of charlatans. For example, experts who also joined the active study of the effect of herbs and medicines used by traditional healers around the world to identify the most effective. On the basis of these studies are synthesized some medicines that can really use.

Conclusion . Don’t make irresponsible towards his life steps. Unfortunately, the percentage of received positive results after talking with healers about 1%. You want to play roulette in relation to their own lives? High price for the thrill, however. Try to trust the oncologist. Got to be better. Well, if you refuse, then… And refuse can only be the case when the time will be irretrievably lost.