Hyperhidrosis: treatment of folk remedies at home
Hyperhidrosis. The so-called sweating . Sweating is a normal physiological process with which we in everyday life are faced on a daily basis. It is human nature to sweat: during…

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Medicinal plants on the windowsill
Many indoor plants have healing properties. They are used as valuable medicinal plants in their homeland. It is known that from Sudanese hibiscus raw material for the famous hibiscus tea…

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Traditional medicine of Chile

In Chile, according to different data there are from two to ten thousand traditional healers. These are so different because the official registration they don’t. Among healers there are both men and women. For example, it is logical that only women are midwives. Most experts in the field of aromatherapy are also representatives of women, but among the chiropractors and the chiropractors are male dominated. Folk healers often gather in groups – for the same reasons, why do healers in other Latin American countries, including Bolivia and Ecuador. Also in Chile there is a national Institute, which is developing a traditional medicine called the Division of traditional medicine and other alternative medical practices (Unidad de Medicina Tradicional y Otras Prácticas Médicas Alternativas). The study of traditional medicine in Chile are pharmacists, experts in the field of plant biochemistry and anthropologists. Research is supported by various grants and institutions such as the University of Chile, Catholic University of Chile, University of Santiago, the above-mentioned Division of traditional medicine and other alternative medical practices and other. Support is provided by other countries – for example, Sweden.

In Chilliest official license to practice traditional medicine, but very few who receives it and its wording itself is pretty vague. This license is supported the Ministry of health. The case of those who have found the absence of a license, may officially close, and the medicine men be fined.

The most common causes of health problems in the urban environment of Chile are: stress, infectious diseases, high blood pressure, ear infections, high cholesterol, colds and flu, stomach upsets, bruises, problems with the gall bladder and prostate. For these reasons, people often turned to as the official modern medicine and traditional folk. Sometimes starting treatment at home, because something about medicinal plants and other means you know little by little all the inhabitants of Chile like other countries. In families from generation to generation the knowledge about some drugs, medicinal plants. Such home remedies used when there is no money to pay for medical care, due to geographic isolation and just because people’s beliefs.

Unlike Bolivia, in Chile there are no special institutions that provided education in the field of traditional medicine. Learning occurs in practice, when the student watches the actions of an experienced healer and repeats his actions. Herbalist teaches the next generation of herbalists, chiropractor – chiropractors. Also knowledge is transmitted in families of healers from generation to generation. Treatment methods of traditional medicine is held in specially designated for this purpose areas. Sometimes designated for the treatment arranged outdoors in the countryside. The best gratitude for their labors healers believe the news of the positive results of their practice, especially if they learn them from third parties and when to fly farther (but, of course, in addition to such Acknowledgments the healers charge a fee, in cash or in products, goods, services). In Chile due to geography of the country and strong presence of the Indian population uses traditional medicine in rural and in urban areas. However, modern medical personnel are not familiar with the methods of traditional medicine, teach it to them rather superficially.

Diagnostics of traditional healers is based primarily on the analysis of patient’s urine (this is called “watching the water”) and the praying to saints or the spirits of the patron saints. In the rituals used in the treatment of items such as bundles of herbs, incense, figurines and images associated with religion, the clothes of the patient, alcoholic beverages, candles. To enhance the effect in the homes of witch doctors, there is usually an altar, on which there are treatments. The set of elements and objects on these altars depends on the type of traditional practice or treatment. Rituals are often heard prayers, reading native American women the Catholic. These prayers are designed to awaken, to call the forces of nature. Symbols of nature deities, spirits and saints are different for different groups of the population, but in any case, the traditional medicine is saturated with respect to official religion and popular belief. Traditional healers Chile sometimes combine their treatment methods with allopathic medical techniques, but almost never take the therapies (e.g., acupuncture) from other cultures.

Folk remedies and medicinal herbs Chile are exported to other countries. This process is controlled laboratories and private individuals. The Central Bank even keeps records of such sales, however, notes the types of herbs and products exported from the country. Within the country’s control over sales of medicines traditional medicine is not.

In Chile, as a rule, traditional medicine provided to the population through public institutions. There are also private doctors, but not so much. Due to the beliefs of the population, traditional medicine was practiced very actively. Official medicine is configured sharply against the first.