Hyperhidrosis: treatment of folk remedies at home
Hyperhidrosis. The so-called sweating . Sweating is a normal physiological process with which we in everyday life are faced on a daily basis. It is human nature to sweat: during…

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The use of medicinal herbs for various diseases
Bowel disease can be treated: 1. Astringent, anti-inflammatory: Calamus, pomegranate, knotweed, Highlander green, St. John's wort, nettle, calendula, viburnum (bark, color, fruit), sorrel, oak bark, bloodroot erect, walnut (leaf), plantain,…

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People’s celiteli

Traditional healers will be tested for professional suitability

Traditional healers take over. They have to prove their right to treat people. Thus the author of the bill, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Sergei Kalashnikov wants to protect people from charlatans. Will it help?

Members of the Public chamber offer to reduce the sale of alcohol. They believe that it is necessary to forbid to distribute drinks between 18:00 and 09:00. According to them, this will help to resolve the issue with the abuse of alcohol. How about this for an initiative?

The Finnish authorities have confirmed the arrest of Russian citizen Maxim Senaha on request USA.

Pisarev . So, talking about folk healers. Traditional healers decided to take control. According to the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Sergei Kalashnikov, now very much in the field of folk medicine work of charlatans who claim to be hereditary healers. These ads, I think many of us see in all sorts of publications and on the Internet, what is really there. The world health organization suggests that States should enable detraditionalization to exist and help people. If there are people who turn to such healers, we should, in fact, healers to exist. There are lots of areas: Chinese, Tibetan.

Saralidze . To me, this logic is not very clear. What do you mean supposed to be healers? But if people go to fortune-tellers, they have to be? Also it is necessary to conduct some monitoring and issue: so, this fortune teller is good, really.

Pisarev . You know, the fortune teller will not harm your health.

Saralidze . What are you? No, I think that could hurt. Well, well. Who is more important to history – the fortune tellers or traditional healers, we’re not going to find out right now. In the end, the important thing now is the opinions of our listeners. I would like to ask a few questions. The first is: do you believe in folk medicine? And about this initiative – do you think that you really have to check this knowledge and the methods of these people that they can issue the license?

Pisarev . We’ve reached Alexander. Alexander, Hello.

Alexander . Hello, Sasha. Hello, Gia.

Saralidze . We listen to you.

Alexander . And folk medicine. You know, he’s not the only fortune-tellers. I in 2010, the gangrene was, and I cured it in folk medicine. In stores selling the book “the clay Cure”. I do not remember the author.

Saralidze . That is, you choose a book were treated?

Alexander . Yes, I’m a book were treated. Me twice were placed in regional hospital. The first time I spent 10 days. Was discharged for technical reasons. I had dry gangrene (officially this is called necrosis), necrosis of the fifth finger, little finger. He burned down eight millimeters and thinner.

Saralidze . So, of course. And you bought the book and it was cured. Then why do you need healers? Here is the book. Well. Took.

Pisarev . And how will they write books?

Alexander . I’m talking about. We have not only fortune tellers.

Saralidze . Forget about fortune tellers.

Alexander . There are also mud treatment, for example.

Saralidze . Well, Alexander, you made that clear. You believe in it. You even to traditional healers do not go. You just by the book (popular recipe, as I understand it) cured.

Pisarev . Indeed, there are folk recipes, which, in principle, are efficient, reliable generation.

Saralidze . Popular recipes including doctors prescribe. This does not mean that people’s prescriptions relate to some other medicine. Well, traditional recipes – it’s just those recipes that are well-known not due to some medical researches, and accumulated a long history.

Pisarev . To make the plantain, and all that.

Saralidze . Yes, that’s right.

Pisarev . As the author says, in China, for example, in India, in Korea, in order to practice this alternative medicine, you need to learn in a specialized institution, then receive a certificate. We are all without certificates. It is therefore proposed that medical institutions of Russia checked the certificates of the current healers who may be, get them illegally, buy healing diplomas. In addition, there must be some kind of professional society which, in fact, would itself be regulated. Do you think there are in the future of this initiative?