Cleansing the liver of toxins with herbs.
This method to clean the liver can be called a true "alarm". Consists of three stages: Stage 1 . cleansing from parasites along with choleretic effect. Lasts 3 days. Recipe:…

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Treatment gland folk remedies
Open your mouth, and you will see two small outgrowth on either side of the rear wall of the throat. These are your tonsils. Above on the back wall of…

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Korean folk recipes of beauty

Lip care – Healthy, beautiful, soft, fairly bulky and velvet lips – isn’t it the dream of many modern women? But, even with those lips from nature, with little care as you age can lose their expressive form, its former freshness and elasticity. In this section you will find information about how to care for lips, what homemade mask can be used for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of lips, the information about the origin on lips diseases such as herpes and binding, and, of course, their treatment of folk remedies. As well as a complex of simple exercises, to maintain the tone and increase lip volume. A champion in content of nutrients is considered to be blackcurrant, it contains huge amount of vitamin C. content of vitamin C 1 tablespoon black currant is equal to 1 and inferior to the lemon except that rosehip. In order to provide your body the daily dose of vitamin C only need to eat 50 g black or 150 g of red or white currants.Read more collected Here are popular recipes for cold and runny nose Korean recipe Decoction of equal parts of Chinese cabbage and turnip. Benefits of black currant currant in Addition, has a tonic effect, helps to fight fatigue and bad mood,increases appetite. Smokers should lean on black currants especially, because, as you know, nicotine is removes vitamin C from the body and this makes us more susceptible to various diseases.

In addition To vitamin C currant contains many b vitamins, which not only have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and help to cope with depression, fatigue and insomnia, but also significantly improve the appearance, condition skin and hair. In addition, in the currants quite a lot of vitamins E and D are known antioxidants, which save you from early wrinkles and aging, currants can be called a beauty berry. Read full cucumbers contain a lot of water, so promotes detoxification, in addition, contain calcium and vitamin C. Cucumber mask soften and smooth the skin, have a lifting effect.

If you have dry and flaky skin keep the slices on your face for up to 30 min. Cooled broth strain and drink 0.5 cups 5-6 times a day.The mask of gauze to moisten the infusion and apply on face for 15 min Cucumber mask is Mixed and whipped to form a foam 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice, 1 tablespoon heavy cream and 20 drops of water. Impose a mask a thick layer, remove with a warm towel and wipe the face with rose water. Is used for dry and normal skin with signs of wilting.

Read more collected Here are popular recipes from St. John’s wort tinctures, bath teas, masks and lotions from St. John’s wort Tincture St. John’s wort to strengthen the hair 10 g of dried powdered herb Hypericum pour 90 ml of alcohol or vodka, insist within 7 days, then filter and RUB the scalp 1-2 times a week. For dry hair, for infusion take 20% alcohol or vodka, half diluted with water, fat — 50% alcohol. Tincture store in a tightly closed bottle. In the broth, before drinking you can add 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. To cope with the chills with a cold, drink plenty of fluids, hot tea, infusion rosehip, cranberry juice, warm milk, juice.Read more If my eyes are tired and irritated, and the skin around my eyes have glazed over, let’s use traditional recipes for the Shine of eyes. According to doctors, when the body is dehydrated, chills stronger. To cope with the chills, wear cotton underwear, then a vest, over her gray cardigan, layered clothing is better at trapping heat. Read more collected Here are traditional remedies for hair loss, and masks, and tinctures, and lotions, and oils that can help in the fight against hair loss. Wash the head with warm water without soap, then gently massaging the scalp, RUB in table salt. Russian healers claimed that this tool saved many from alopecia with dry scalp.

Duration of manipulation for 10-15 minutes. To wash the hair.