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Traditional Chinese medicine psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease associated with accelerated cell division of the skin. Psoriasis suffer 2-3% of the world population.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the disease psoriasis is called silvery scales. To treat it apply only naturopathic treatment, such as therapy of acupuncture points (needles, moxibustion sagebrush cigars, cupping), massage.

Features of diagnostics

In traditional Chinese medicine instead of Western people diagnoses there are so-called syndromes, to determine the treatment strategy. Their shaped resemble names from the works of ancient Chinese poets and philosophers.

In order to understand the Chinese view of doctor patient, it is necessary to abandon the usual picture of the disease — diagnosis — treatment. The same pathology may from the point of view of Chinese medicine can be caused by different syndromes and therefore require different treatment strategies.

Psoriasis, according to Chinese doctors, may occur due to different pathogenetic mechanisms: “the disadvantage and dysfunction of the blood”, “inner growth heat of blood”, “purchased dryness engendering wind”, rezultatelor disrupted trophic skin and muscle tissue.

The primary endogenous cause of psoriasis is considered “a buildup of internal heat” and “heat” should not be understood to increase the body temperature. Of course, all this information is significant only to the physician, having knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. To self-medicate based on the list of syndromes, it is impossible.

Features of treatment

Psoriasis treatment in the system of traditional Chinese medicine is based on an integrated approach that combines the use of acupuncture and herbs traditional Chinese medicine. In the case of psoriasis is a herb that “expelling wind and eliminating dampness”. Recipes fees, their method of preparation and dosage the doctor prescribes, there is no unified recommendations.

In the system of traditional Chinese medicine for therapeutic and prophylactic measures is very important to consider the time of day and year, phases of the moon and so on. Chinese doctors say that psoriasis in most cases starts or progresses in winter, summer, patients coming improvement. But if the history of the disease sufficiently long, the apparent seasonal nature of the exacerbation disappears.

Traditional Chinese medicine distinguishes four types of psoriasis, and in the recipes for herbal decoctions are data for correction of the composition of the mixture depending on the condition of the patient, the type of language, complexion, type of pulse. These parameters are used to define syndromes.

In the description of acupuncture interventions also have to discuss their choice depending on the condition of the patient. From acupuncture active points needles to impact on these points irritating the skin substances and the appearance of the blister. This blister is called a “pull” from the body pathogenic Qi (or Chi, depending on transcription). For the treatment of psoriasis is also used bloodletting in the active points of the ear: at the point I cut 23 mm and is applied to the incision for a while a fresh clove of garlic.

Prevention and precautions

In traditional Chinese medicine prevention is important and includes many specific recommendations on lifestyle and diet. However, the advice to psoriasis patients do not contain “Chinese Exotica” and easily doable.

To avoid infections and injuries. In the periods of autumn and spring offseason patients especially need to beware of colds, tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

Do not consume hot and spicy and also fatty meat, alcoholic drinks, no Smoking. To include in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables.

To avoid unnecessary mental stress and fatigue, lead a regular lifestyle, maintain peace of mind.

During exacerbations not use strong irritating drugs, drink too hot water.

According to some, the effectiveness of treatment of psoriasis by means of traditional Chinese medicine is 75%.