Shamans and mummy
The court in Altai was not allowed to conduct the burial of the ancient mummies which local religious leaders believe the sacred The Gorno-Altaysk city court has left without satisfaction…

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Traditional and non-traditional medicine
Medicine is the field of scientific and practical activities for the study of normal and pathological processes in the human body, various diseases and pathological conditions, for the preservation and…

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Seals that treat

Tuliptree – unique know-how of trainers Murmansk Oceanarium. Seals are generally considered to be unpredictable animals. And if in some aquariums are allowed even swim with a shark, cute mustache crumbs – seals can be observed only through the glass. However, the introduction of a new treatment programme has yielded positive results, really comparable to internationally accepted Dolphin.

Seals – pinnipeds carnivorous mammals. There are many five-foot creation (the seal), and the mighty giants with a length of over 6 meters and weighing 3.5 tons (sea elephants). Despite the apparent awkwardness, they are excellent swimmers and can reach a speed of 24 km/h. in addition, the seals are doing fine. For example, the Weddell seal, which reaches a depth of 600 metres, remaining underwater for more than an hour.

In aquariums contain mostly small species. They love water temperature 10-11 degrees, but the pools were maintained to a maximum of 17 degrees (in such water does not get cold the divers, watching the aquarium). Near the seals look like a huge fluffy cat with a kind and attentive whiskered snouts, which I want to Pat. However, these lovely creatures have long nails (over 10 cm) and their caress not recommended – can snap. But usually they are good-natured,especially when the crawl on the surface.

Seals really love to smell people. Thus they extrude the face, the seals touch the hands of a mustache, and there is a nice, no similar feeling. It seems that you are not a predator, and a cute kitten. Those who worked with these animals, claim that seals are very smart and have the intelligence of roughly correspond to the two-year child.

Experiments in Irkutsk nerpinary showed that seals will be able to generalize as well as bottlenose dolphins. “He is all the time something comes up, as if checking: what if I float? And if so? He was very creative,” says the Director of the Irkutsk nerpinary on the ward – the Dolphin Stitch.

Also the seals are different original characters, and if anyone of them can bite in the water, on the shore manifests itself as a kind cutie. However, the other seal might do the exact opposite. In the Oceanarium of St. Petersburg allowed even swim with a shark, but here’s to communicate with the seals is possible only through the glass.

That’s why, when in 2003 the coach of Musinova Larisa from Murmansk Oceanarium came up with the idea to treat sick children socializing with seals, many were skeptical. After all, nowhere in the world similar experiments were not carried out. However, the Japanese in one of the medical centers help to rid of stress to disaster victims with the help of a furry robotic seal, but do not risk to use live chat.

And Larissa, well knowing his charges – the grey seal, and decided to try it. Donnamarie they are called seals, because they have elongated facial part. Grey seals are quite large – 2 to 3 m and have a mass of 300 kg and more. Can live 40 years or more, that is, seals are among the centenarians. Larissa has developed methods of treatment based on the kids game with animals and to get positive emotions. Therapy begins with the study of the structure of a seal, its habits and lifestyle, dietary habits and habits.

The majority of sick children are closed and unsociable, at first even afraid to touch the animals. Once fear is overcome, they become best friends, and children come gladly to play with his marine buddy, Pat. This method gave very good results in psychological terms.

It is important for children to play with warm-blooded animals, to feel their live energy. In games with the seals involved and healthy kids who get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with them. When the children go to the Oceanarium, the seals living in separate zagonchik, already look forward to getting them and out of the water, starting to carefully examine. They are ready to start an exciting game.

Especially loves these games tulenega named Fairy. When Larissa released her into a large pool, Fairy climbs up on the curb and kids friendly hands to the feet. Those who see this miracle for the first time, afraid to touch her. Then dare to touch the Lasta first one finger and then palm. Seven-year-old Maria, who suffers from autism, was indifferent and afraid of communication. After the games, with a Fairy she became more sociable and manifestations of the disease have been smoothed out. Similar positive changes are taking place with other guys.

The employees of the aquarium submitted an application to the Russian humanitarian scientific Fund. They want to get funding for more serious research program on the favorable impact of seals on humans.