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Headache from mint

Many refuse fatty foods, foods rich in preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and switching to a healthy diet, which can not be imagined without fresh juices and herbal teas. First place in the ranking of the components of the invigorating and healthy drinks to keep mint and lemon balm. They are easy to grow even on the window sill. How to do it correctly, says researcher at the regional Botanic garden of Love Kruglov.

Heart’s delight

And mint, and lemon balm are very useful, contain a lot of vitamins, possess medicinal properties. By the way, mint is a great addition to many dishes and cocktails, such as the famous Mojito. Due to the fact that the leaves of these plants look similar, they are often confused.

Lemon balm, aka Melissa – one of the major honey plants garden. In Greece its even called bee weed.

And Melissa is called heart’s delight, lady’s happiness, bee mint, liquor, a censer.

The most widely used Melissa got as an aromatic additive to tea. In addition, it is added to salads, first and second courses. And pickles with this spicy pot is just amazing.

Use lemon and mint in the food and distillery industry.

Knew about the beneficial properties of Melissa in Ancient Rome. Then the doctors recommended the use of this grass from “female pain”, when Zaporoje insect bites. These are extremely versatile recommendations.

The best therapeutic and aromatic properties of lemon balm is applied before flowering. At this time, in early summer, it begins to collect. In winter lemon balm can be dried. But there is another way to make it so that in cold weather the fresh lemon mint was on your table in the autumn to dig up a few clumps and replant in a pot that you can put the house on a window.

The bushes at home grow low – to 20-25 cm, and the systematic pruning a Bush it tillers well. Lemon balm can be planted in the container at any time of year: you want to trim a Bush, leaving stems with a height of five to seven centimeters. The container can take the volume one and two litres. Mixed soil for plants is in the ratio 1:2 (one part sand and two parts humus), drainage.

Planted in this way plants in a couple of weeks will delight you with new young leaves. The plant prefers a Sunny place on the windowsill, abundant watering, high-quality substrate.

In cooking, lemon balm thanks to the spicy aroma of the leaves is used as a substitute for allspice. Also add as seasoning to soups, poultry, salads. For the grass has not lost its properties, it cannot be subjected to heat treatment. In medicine as antiviral, antidepressant and antispasmodic.

And the Baker, and the druggist

Mint is easy to grow at home. For this purpose it is necessary to dig up Mature plants and divide it by the seedlings. The volume of the pot should be two or three liters, but the containers should not be high, since mint is strongly developed vegetative reproduction, seedling a month will fill the entire volume of the pot. Grown in this way mint in 10-15 days will allow you to get fresh greens.

Mint is very unpretentious, caring for it is simple: you should avoid over-watering, otherwise the roots can rot and the plant will die, moderate watering once a week will be sufficient.

Mint is an extremely valuable essential oil content in the leaves reaches 2,75?%, inflorescences up to 6?%. The wide use of this plant is found in pharmacology, where it is added to herbal preparations. Mint helps to fight gastrointestinal diseases, useful in neuralgia and bronchitis. In cooking it is used as a flavoring. Add it not only in cocktails and alcoholic drinks, but also pastries, hot dishes and even soups.

Differences from peppermint lemon balm

Mint has a straight stem, while Melissa he branched.

Mint smells like menthol, and the flavor of the balm is rather spicy, reminiscent of lemon.

Mint flowers are collected in spicate inflorescences, and Melissa in false rings.

In mint great content of essential oil in Melissa much less.

And mint, and lemon balm used in cooking. But rather as a mint flavor, and Melissa as a condiment.

With the help and Melissa, and mint can get rid of a headache without medication.

Take two to three tablespoons of lemon balm per Cup of boiling water. To insist, wrapped, for 30 minutes, drain. Drink one to two tablespoons of five-six times a day.

Miracle mint will relieve a headache within five minutes. Take a cotton swab, dip it in menthol oil and grease, temples, forehead, back of the head. RUB whiskey or a mint leaf. Drink strong sweet tea with mint.