The use of medicinal plants
The use of medicinal plants, to help nurse, biographies of men of science and medicine The vegetation of Russia is diverse - from tundra in the far North, to the…

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Harvesting of medicinal plants
Nature took care of us by giving many different medicinal plants . including vegetables. They are close to the person. We learned to grow and prepare for the future. When…

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Traditional and non-traditional medicine

Medicine is the field of scientific and practical activities for the study of normal and pathological processes in the human body, various diseases and pathological conditions, for the preservation and strengthening of health of people.

There is a division between classical medicine, also called conventional, formal, sometimes Orthodox, or traditional medicine, and alternative medicine, also called unconventional (and sometimes informal or unconventional medicine).

Alternative medicine, also called alternative medicine, unconventional medicine or non-conventional medicine approaches to the prevention and treatment of human diseases, the choice of a particular tactic in which in contrast to generally accepted medical practice is based not so much on the study of the causes and mechanisms of disease, but rather on assessment of its manifestations. Funny is the fact that formally most of these approaches have their roots in ancient times and, in fact, are traditional and classic to modern medicine, which appeared relatively recently.

Also alternative medicine is medicine, pseudomedicine, quasimedical or quackery with no clear scientific justification based on pseudo-science (false)theories on maloprotochnyh and generally unverifiable claims or so-called scientific mythology. To the field of alternative medicine are, in particular, urine therapy, chiropractic, faith healing, herbal medicine (with the exception of the treatment of those herbs that have scientifically proven pharmacological effects), Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, etc.

Alternative medicine (AM) encompasses all methods of diagnosis and treatment whose effectiveness at the specific pathology has not been proven in clinical trials

Sometimes non-traditional, or alternative, or unconventional medicine is any innovative (venture) health projects.

The concept originated in the twentieth century due to the growing differences in perspective generally accepted medicine, based on the study of disease mechanisms, and approaches of alternative medicine, based, as before, on the assessment of the manifestations of the disease.

And conventional medicine is a system of extensive medical knowledge, skills and abilities, transmitted in written form and used for thousands of years to the present in addressing issues of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and medical rehabilitation. Traditional medicine is divided into Chinese medicine, Indian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Greek and Arabic medicine.

Traditional medicine (TM) includes practical experience on ways and means of treatment, accumulated by a society and transmitted from generation to generation. Traditional medicine has a deep history based on centuries-old experience of the people.

There is a very extensive literature, mainly journal publications. Summarizing the content of these articles, I identified the problems proposed to be solved at the state level regarding increasing confidence in traditional medicine and critical attitude to alternative medicine and getting quality treatment:

problem – lack of trust, both traditional and non-traditional medicine. The healers claim that the charlatans in their ranks not greater than in academic medicine. However, independent experts say the figure exceeds 90%. Newspapers and magazines are full of ads: “Remove damage”, “Cure for alcoholism. 100% guarantee”, “Hereditary witch, a member of the Academy of folk medicine”. Little what type of business is so annoying today advertised as witchcraft, shamanism, sorcery, and related services. Moreover, if in the middle of last century healers sat in deaf villages. now they advertised no worse than pop stars, competing with them in the fees. And a real help to patients have one.

problem – risk of receiving substandard care. Currently, the activities of healers are regulated 57th article of the law “On health protection”, giving the right to perform healing for those who have corresponding diplomas. To give the Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation. In 2006 was created the center for certification of healers at Federal scientific clinical-experimental center of traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of Roszdrav. Heads the group, issuing certificates, Vladimir Egorov. “I have a positive attitude to the submitted to the Duma amendments to the law “About advertising. Many years of such activity has remained without control, which led to the discrediting of traditional medicine charlatans, and to the multiplication of their numbers. Actually, with the aim of controlling this natural process at the initiative of the Ministry of health was created by our center. Because the requirements for practicing healers we make very hard, for a year and a half a certificate received only one hundred people from 50 thousand healers – so many people, according to official figures, practice in Russia.” – according to Vladimir Egorov. According to unofficial data, the army all kinds of healers in the hundreds of thousands – what there certificates! However, the beautiful diploma which proves uniqueness of treatment method, it is easy to acquire. After all, next door to the healers advertising in Newspapers – ads on the printing services.

the problem is the need to enhance the credibility of traditional medicine in the eyes of the citizens. This issue is dedicated to the many, as publications and television programs.