Traditional and non-traditional medicine
Medicine is the field of scientific and practical activities for the study of normal and pathological processes in the human body, various diseases and pathological conditions, for the preservation and…

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Treatment in Vietnam
Increasingly popular in recent years, use of our citizens as Vietnam tours. It attracts tourists not only by the exotic East, but also traditional for these countries, alternative medicine, pardon…

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Can I combine Reiki with other methods of healing?

Some participants in the workshops possess a large Arsenal of therapeutic techniques, and then the question arises: can I combine Reiki with other means of healing? Our patients often ask if they can do Reiki while taking medicines while being treated at a regular doctor or during Spa treatments.

On this occasion we want to assure you that according to all available facts and results of studies of Reiki enriches and supports almost any medical form of treatment. Reiki always supports a biologically appropriate method of treatment for the body, spirit or soul. Reiki does not reduce the efficacy of medications, any other treatments of the body or the spirit or other medical procedures, but provides the body additional help completing your cleansing and harmonizing function.

However, there is one exception: during surgery under General anesthesia cannot be conducted with the patient Reiki session, because it may happen that the Reiki energy will prevent the expected effect of anesthesia. In this case, the Reiki session can be held directly before or after the surgery. The fractures also must first be straightened before you send in this place Reiki. But after reduction of the bone Reiki will help to accelerate its fusion.

We would like to indicate that Reiki is not samerelationship all other therapies or medicines, however, generally supports and enhances their possible biological effects.

Doctors, psychologists and healers combine Reiki with other conventional treatments and got excellent results. Bodo has successfully applied a combined treatment using Reiki and massage, breathing exercises, acupressure, prenatal therapy, “Polarity”, “Toys for health”, processing of postoperative seams, etc. Other known Reiki healers used this method in conjunction with acupuncture, acupuncture massage, shiatsu, Kia-Tzu, tai-Chi, An-Mo, Up-In, chiropractic, color therapy, homeopathy, Aro-Materia, Ayurveda, Bach flowers therapy, fasting. Some teachers and therapists combine Reiki with meditation, bioenergetics, yoga, autogenic training and other techniques. For example, you can allow Reiki to flow, when the patient is under a dropper, or in any shot, can be charged Reiki and herbal medicines.

Thus, Reiki helps all people working in the field of health in the broadest sense of the word. This is a wonderful natural addition to virtually all known treatments. We can compare it with fresh, clean and fragrant air, which also has a positive impact on every patient and is one of the basic conditions of healthy life.

Reiki promotes deep transformations in all spheres of existence in the direction of holistic, healing development.

Of course, someday someone will laugh at your Reiki therapy.

Usually, people laugh at what you don’t know or understand, and because of established misconceptions. We all more or less marked tendency in the beginning skeptical to everything new, unusual and subjecting it to critical evaluation. This is consistent with our Western education, our mind-based view of the world. Already in the times of Arthur Schopenhauer was, and he described this psychological process as follows:

“Any idea goes to her recognition three stages: at first laugh over it, on her second fight, and on the third it is perceived as something self-evident”.

Of course, it would not hurt to try a treatment with Reiki, at least in the same hospital. This Reiki therapist could serve 10-15 patients. In addition, we could observe the effect of Reiki on the process of the disease and the necessary time of stay of the patient in the hospital. Of course, Reiki can also be successfully used in psychiatric hospitals, children’s hospitals, maternity hospitals to prepare the mother for labor, the resorts for recuperation of patients, and so on. In this respect, the U.S. was ahead of Germany. There is a learning of healing through Reiki is recognized as complementary education for physicians, nurses and psychologists. At us it is unthinkable, some would say, where are we heading with such healers?

“Where does this take us if everyone said, “Where does this take us?” and no one went to at least look where you can come, if you hit the road”.

Perhaps in our country we need to reflect on this thought Kurt Marty. Restructuring of thinking began long ago, and among the masses all the more noticeable is the transition to a more natural and spirituality, holistic thinking and its practical implementation, and these ideas cover a wider segment of the population.

We are at the turning point – we live in “swing time” (F. Capra), “breakthrough to a new culture” (Doom). “Soft conspiracy” (fer-gusou), although tread softly, but take a wider bridgehead.

Therefore, we think that this method of healing as Reiki, in the future will receive wide distribution and will be included in the official health system, and may replace or displace methods aimed only at the suppression of external symptoms and not taking into account the person as a wholeness of body, soul and spirit.