Can I combine Reiki with other methods of healing?
Some participants in the workshops possess a large Arsenal of therapeutic techniques, and then the question arises: can I combine Reiki with other means of healing? Our patients often ask…

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The use of medicinal herbs and dietary Supplements in the complex treatment of helminthiasis
Ways of cleansing the body from parasites Using the device "Neofors", destroying settled in Your body of parasites, it is important to remember not least is the process of purification.…

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Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam

In addition to a wonderful climate and beautiful nature, Vietnam is attracting historical and architectural values. For a long time existing in isolation, Vietnam has been able to preserve national identity. The culture of Vietnam is exceptional.

Comfortable hotels, clean emerald water of the South China sea, picturesque sandy beaches, as well as the highest level of service has allowed Vietnam to become one of the most visited countries in the world.

SPA resorts Vietnam pleasantly surprised by the wide range of therapeutic recreation programs. Mineral and thermal springs, and therapeutic mud of the country have a positive impact on the improvement of the body. Vietnam attractive to admirers of nonconventional medicine: there are many skilled healers who will tell everyone about the beneficial properties of plants.

Vietnam will be remembered by the lovers of outdoor activities. The most popular activities include canyoning, rafting, Cycling, Hiking, kayaking on a mountain lake in da lat, Windsurfing and kite surfing. Special emphasis is given to the development of speleological tourism.

In Vietnam, there are 10 national parks and numerous nature reserves. In the Northern part of the country’s most interesting and accessible parks are cat BA and cucphuong, lake Baba; in the Central – Batima; in the South – Nam Cat Tien and Yokdon. All the national parks of the country are famous for naivalumaira flora and fauna.

Vietnam: land of the dragon

Vietnam is an interesting mysterious country, endowed with exotic beauty of nature, unique architectural complexes, ancient cultural and religious monuments, a special Oriental flavor and slow over time. Not so long ago it was part of a land forgotten by civilization. Now Vietnam is rapidly gaining momentum of economic development, one of priority directions of which is the tourist business. Surprisingly, continuing to conform to the standards of countries with developed tourism industry, Vietnam successfully maintains the authentic look of exotic, unusual and unique Oriental culture, thereby attracting to the country a growing number of guests.

An unexpected but very pleasant surprise for our countrymen is sincere interest and friendliness “of the viets living in the South”. Warm attitude to Russian-speaking newcomers have been preserved by the local inhabitants since the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship. In 60-ies of XX century the Soviet military assisted the fraternal Vietnamese people in opposition to the “capitalist predators” in the United States.

Vietnam — an ideal place for a family vacation, because here the Ordinance relate to traditional family values and honor the cult of the ancestors. It is a country of bright colors that blend harmoniously the different cultures and the diversity of natural resources: tropical forests and mountain valleys, wild jungles and sand dunes, strange plants and colorful birds, endless sandy beaches and warm South China sea with turquoise water.

Divers will be able to hike to enjoy their hobby — the richness of the underwater world combined with the relatively low cost of equipment and related services make the waters of the South China sea is very attractive for diving. The famous natural springs of Binh Chau hot mineral water +40C not cease to delight tourists throughout the year. In addition, the majority of hotels on the coast are equipped with private massage rooms and SPA-complexes, in the Arsenal which is therapeutic clay. Due to the unique properties of clay to rejuvenate the body and improve health weakened under the influence of the stress of modern civilization. Followers of non-traditional forms of treatment will also not be disappointed: liqueur made from Vietnamese witch doctors, snakes, marine life, birds ‘ nests and rare herbs can work wonders.

Foodies who find themselves in Vietnam, will be enchanted by the local cuisine, which is considered the finest in Southeast Asia. Tangy spices with a delicate flavor and aroma, minimal use of fats and emphasis on fresh ingredients, a variety of seafood, rice and vegetables make Vietnamese cuisine is not only delicious, but also useful. The French influence in Vietnamese cuisine is apparent in the abundance of crispy baguettes, pate and cheeses, as well as in the propensity of local people to natural coffee with a very strong aroma and flavor of mocha.