The business of collecting medicinal herbs and plants
The collection and sale of medicinal plants The collection and sale of medicinal herbs is a business that requires no financial investment. It can be main occupation and way of…

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Medicinal plants of Kyrgyzstan
Open the reference medicinal plants. St. John's wort, mint, thyme, Valerian, motherwort, hawthorn, dog-rose, mother-and-stepmother, oregano, plantain, juniper, birch, cornflower, chamomile. All of this list of generous presents in Kyrgyzstan.…

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Care for oily hair: we suggest to try traditional recipes of beauty

How to care for oily hair at home

Luxurious, soft, thick, manageable hair can be a real wealth and pride of many girls and women. But, unfortunately, sometimes hair can give many surprises, one of which can become greasy hair.

They do bring their owners a lot of hassle. The owners of this type of hair are faced with the problem of daily shampooing, but by the end of the day the hair still gets greasy luster and unkempt appearance. Perhaps the only redeeming feature of these hair is that they can be subjected to any chemical perms because of the damage it will bring.

The use of special shampoos for oily hair does not give the desired effect and the problem remains. And here’s more good than advertised brands chemical composition, can have a traditional medicine. Learn how you can care of oily hair at home with traditional recipes of beauty, but also about the features of hair care in different seasons.

The gifts of nature to help oily hair

Take a look around! The world around us is full of natural components that can help in different situations. Recipes of traditional medicine based on natural ingredients that can be found on the plot or priobresti pharmacy. The cost of buying such tools will be minimal, but the result of regular use may be unexpectedly awesome.

The perfect combination of masks for oily hair

Having made the decision to make care for oily hair at home and cook their own funds, you should learn the name of natural products that are good for this hair type:

mustard powder and kefir is capable of dissolving the fat and make hair soft and fluffy;

clay – helps to normalize the work of sebaceous glands;

calendula oil and almond oil – the perfect care for greasy hair;

aloe juice reduces the oiliness of the hair;

essential oils – to combat the problem of oily hair is most effective essential oils such as bergamot, eucalyptus, vervain, sage, cloves, ginger, pine, cypress, rosemary, lavender, Melissa, lemon, tea tree oil.

How to apply masks at home

Mask for oily hair with natural ingredients is easy to apply, however, to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

Cooking . Use the prepared composition for hair at once, storage may not be.

Application . Cosmetic for oily hair should first be rubbed into the scalp, focusing on roots, after to distribute on all length of hair. Then cover your head with a plastic cap to take a shower and wrap your head warm towel.

The washout . Rinse hair followed by a warm water with a suitable shampoo, followed by conditioners or natural tinctures, prepared at home.

Remember! To achieve the desired result, the ingredients should be changed periodically in order to prevent habituation, and regularly, preferably once a week, to carry out “mesoterapia”.

Recipes home remedies to care for oily hair

We offer a few simple recipes for the care of oily hair.

Shampoo with essential oil

regular shampoo – 30ml

Method of preparation: shampoo thoroughly with tea tree oil.

Application: cosmetic apply to hair, gently massaging the head. Leave on for 7 minutes, after wash hair with warm water.

Mask of nettle and garlic for oily hair


chopped nettle leaves – 2 tablespoons

garlic – 2 cloves

water – 100ml

Method of preparation: pound the garlic and combine with chopped nettle leaves. Next, pour boiling water, cover tightly with a lid and infuse for 10 minutes. After should be filtered.

Application: the mask for oily hair massage into scalp and apply evenly on length of hair. Leave on for 20 minutes. Then wash hair with a suitable shampoo

Yolk mask for oily hair with honey


egg yolks – 2 PCs

honey – 2 tablespoons

Method of preparation: whip egg yolks with honey.

Application: the mask RUB into the hair roots, wrap your head and leave for 3 hours. After rinse the mask with warm water.

To extend the action of this mask is recommended the use of a natural mouthwash recipes below.

Rinse for oily hair from mother and stepmother