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Boiled onion – benefits, harms, calorie

Use boiled onions

Onion is known to every person and everybody knows how he looks like. However, not everyone can say exactly what and in what quantities it contains.

Are present in onions: vitamins A, b, C; acetic acid; phosphoric acid; minerals; enzymes; essential oils .

Due to its rich content of nutrients and vitamins onions have to be included in daily diet.

There are several types of onions and each variety has its own unique set of vitamins and nutrients.

It is useful to red onion. It is used in folk medicine for the treatment of many diseases, particularly problems with obesity.

Great onion stimulates the liver, kidneys and nervous system. It has good antiseptic, anti-infective and diuretic. It can be used to clear problem skin and the entire body in its entirety. In addition, the onion acts as an antibiotic against various bacteria and germs that trigger many diseases. That is why it is often used in the treatment of colds and cough.

Medicinal properties of boiled onions to the body

During thermal processing of onion loses a minimum of its beneficial properties. So he has basically the same nutrients and ingredients, and fresh produce.

Quite often you can find a boiled onion in the recipes of folk medicine. Bronchial asthma . boils,bacterial colpitis, and hemorrhoids bumps can be treated successfully with onions, boiled in milk, applying it topically.

Bandages with boiled onions apply to the affected area in skin diseases. The same bandages are used for getting rid of warts and corns, only using onions, boiled in table vinegar. Boiled onions are encouraged to eat in fractures, as it promotes knitting of the bones.

Onion is quite versatile in cooking. It fried, boiled, pickled, baked. It make delicious soups, pies, casseroles, and condiments.

The caloric value of boiled onions is the same as fresh, and is 45 kcal per 100 g. Due to its low nutritional value it can add to the diet soups, pies, casseroles, and use as a seasoning.

Cooked onions are not crunchy and has a very soft consistency. Unlike fresh onions, cooked with a mildly sweet delicate flavor and devoid of bitterness. This bow is much easier to digest and does not irritate.

Boiled onions are encouraged to eat with pancreatitis. The bow can be baked in the oven and eat 1 onion a day in the hot, course of treatment — a month. Cooked onion can be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach before Breakfast.

Useful boiled onions and gastritis, and as a wound-healing agent in the treatment of ulcers. Warts and corns can be treated by applying boiled in vinegar onions. For burns and skin rashes helps onion paste, which should be prepared from boiled onions.

Cooked onions helps in the treatment of diseases such as:


vitamin deficiency;


liver disease;

respiratory-respiratory disease.

To ensure you can use the following recipe:

bulbs of medium size (5 pieces) cooked in milk (1 l) for 5 minutes. After infusion should be taken before meals and 1 tbsp of the drug every 2-3 hours.

Harm boiled onions

To harm the body when consumed boiled onions in large quantities. As a result, you may receive flatulence, bloating, diarrhea and discomfort of the digestive tract.

You should not exclude the possibility of allergic reactions to cooked vegetable, and also individual intolerance to the components.

Onion soup recipe

Necessary ingredients:

onions (4 PCs.);

cheese finely chopped (1 Cup);

vegetable broth (1 liter);

flour (4 tbsp.);

vegetable oil (4 tbsp.);

salt before seasoning to taste.


Onion is cooked in vegetable broth. Then add feta cheese and toasted in a pan the flour.

This soup is perfectly stimulates digestion, prevents constipation, removes excess cholesterol, strengthens bones and is useful for the nervous system.