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The use of medicinal herbs and dietary Supplements in the complex treatment of helminthiasis

Ways of cleansing the body from parasites

Using the device “Neofors”, destroying settled in Your body of parasites, it is important to remember not least is the process of purification. When the degradation products of pathogenic micro and macroparasites enter the blood in large quantity, there comes an intoxication. She feels worse, a headache, chills, fever, can manifest pain. Therefore, it is necessary to help your body withdraw all slag and clean it.

The use of medicinal herbs and dietary Supplements in the complex treatment of helminthiasis

The next aspect in the fight against parasites – increase immune system using herbs. Necessary to support those agencies that play a special role.

This is primarily the spleen. This body, which receives and renews old blood, participates in the work reproducing system, produces lymphocytes involved in antitumor protection.

Also an Appendix: it produces all the vitamins of group B. This place is really like roundworm and pinworm – squatting there “for vitamins”, they destroy tissue, contributing to their inflammation. So there is appendicitis. Person removed “unnecessary throwback” who caused the trouble, and he soon narushaetsjaena the production of essential vitamins that causes a lot of diseases.

But to return to the spleen. Apart from the blood and lymphocytes, it produces special flora, destructive acting on parasites. It is like the parasites of parasites. Spleen is necessary to maintain the bitterness that helps cleanse the blood and increase its production, stimulate the immune system. Bitterness and the need to form a full-fledged secret bile, which is also involved in antiparasitic defense.

Athos monks say: “I Want sweet life – eat and drink bitter, bitter want of life in disease – consume dessert” . They drink only tea of bitter herbs and treat them to all who visit the monastery, do not consume sweets at all. You know, how harmful are food with high sugar content, for it worms, and yeast products, – a fine nutrient medium.

By the way, in the diet of the peoples of southern countries is not a coincidence prevail burning spices and bitter – people instinctively worked out a diet that protects against infection by parasites, which in warm climates, lives big set. By the way, our ancestors also used the bitter powder from tansy, for example, ran soup, stew and main dishes.

On the application of the bitterness is based and the methods of expulsion of worms, developed over many centuries in folk medicine, although many doctors consider them to be too soft. But whether to ignore centuries-old experience of folk healing? In pharmaceutical reference books offered a lot of drugs on a chemical basis,which, in theory, can have an immediate effect. But some of them are very harmful to individuals (Akrikhin), others (for example, the popular vermox) worms affect only the way of their passage through the intestines, is not affecting those parasites that are found in other organs and ducts.

It is therefore proposed to achieve the greatest effect of use antiparasitic herbs as preventive and curative means .

Bitter tonics and anti-inflammatory herbs need to cleanse the body of toxins, internal toxins, grease.

Stimulating and digestive herbs to reinforce immunity and digestive abilities. After all, toxins, mucus, stagnation – the most favorable conditions for the parasites is accumulated because of poor and incomplete digestion, bowel atony.

Nourishing herbs are needed to not only boost immunity, but to eliminate the effects of the use of antiparasitic herbs, to promote the recovery of tissues, organs and functions damaged by parasites.

Herbs that improve metabolism . need to quickly clear the blood and lymph of toxins and microparasites, destroy tumors, cleanse the liver from toxins. Only such an approach can provide a stable and safe effect of antiparasitic herbs and remedies.

The most frequently used and available to all of us herbs:

“Artemisia absinthium “.



“Licorice “.

“Thyme (thyme) vulgaris”.

“Common burdock”.

“Salvia officinalis”.

“Hypericum perforatum”.