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Types of medicinal herbs

The most ancient medicines in the world, medicinal plants are difficult to enumerate and classify — so a lot of them. But today, the problem of such regulation becomes even more complicated due to the fact that plants from different regions and countries can be easily transported around the world and are applied even where they’ve never heard before.

In addition, each specialist depending on the task or the desire to categorize all kinds of medicinal plants as on the part used for medicinal purposes, and the diseases that plants are treated. And it is clear that used today, the term “herb” is not quite correct: as “herbs” in many cases use parts of shrubs and trees, but tradition is tradition.

So let’s understand the order, what types of herbs there are and how they are used in medicine.

Types of medicinal plants

1. Herbaceous medicinal plants.

This is the weed – like plants without strong woody stems, usually small in height and living for one or two years (although among them are perennials). We know many types of famous medicinal herbs as remedies: chamomile, St. John’s wort, chicory, milkweed, sweet flag, cowberry, bilberry, elecampane, clover, alfalfa and many others. Thousands of species of medicinal herbs are used as traditional healers and licensed clinics.

Most often, herbs are used above-ground shoots, which are dried and then are used to make tinctures, teas or powders. So are used, for example, such types of medicinal plants, immortelle, motherwort, St. John’s wort, field gromwell, Vida, mint, borage, saxifrage, zhivuchka, and many others. In other cases, to treat diseases only collect flowers herbs. The most famous medicinal flowers are chamomile, clover, Echinacea, calendula.

Even a little less in medicine use the roots of medicinal herbs. So use hellebore Caucasian, carrots, liverwort, aralia. Their roots are often used in dried and powdered form, but in fresh condition.

And of course, the classification of medicinal plants includes seeds of those grasses, which were often the only and most effective treatment. Seeds are harvested usually these kinds of herbs, fenugreek, plantain, water chestnut, wild radish, black cabbage.

2. Shrubs and perennials.

Also a very large group of medicinal plants. Many creeping shrubs a layman will easily accept for the grass, but the nerd always knows that if plants have a long stalk, though thin and subtle, it is almost always a shrub. The most famous species of medicinal plants – shrubs are wild rose, hawthorn, lilac, Sophora, Berberis, viburnum, Jasmine officinale, juniper, bilberry, cowberry, bearberry, cranberry, Schizandra, elderberry, and others.

Like herbs, shrubs for medicinal purposes are also used in different parts of the plant. Hawthorn, rose hips and schisandra is the fruit, lilac, tea tree, and of five leaves — leaves and buds, mountain ash, currant and bearberry flowers, and in some cases even the roots. The latter, however, rarely collected due to the fact that to obtain them it is necessary completely to destroy the plant itself.

This is the perhaps the small group of medicinal plants. Lianas as a species we are not very widespread, but, where available, to help us fight against many diseases.

Among species of medicinal vines should be noted the Dioscorea Caucasian, grapes, ivy, hops, and some creepers. Doctors usually use their fruit and leaves, and only in very rare cases, the roots. By the way, because of its medicinal root was badly damaged Dioscorea is today because of the mass cutting out to obtain roots in nature, she barely survived.

Many of the medicinal trees. The most famous lime tree, elder, birch, Rowan, eucalyptus, Ginkgo biloba, willow, alder, buckthorn, hazel, almond, cedar, acacia, walnut. As drugs commonly used trees leaves, buds, fruits and bark. There are more rare cases, for example, SAP or lichens on the bark of some tropical plants.

Of course, the list of diseases in which use of various kinds of medicinal plants, a huge. You can even safely say that today there is no such disease for treatment of which the folk healers lacked his herbal prescription. In some cases, allow the plant to completely cure the disease without medication, other therapeutic and normalizing effect, but always among the natural remedies you can find good support for your body. Here it is important only turn to a really knowledgeable specialist and don’t self-medicate.