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Where is now the famous Soviet psychics and healers?
Last week it became known about the death of a popular healer of June Davitashvili. She died at the age of 65 years, departed this life virtually in obscurity, forgotten…

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Where is now the famous Soviet psychics and healers?

Last week it became known about the death of a popular healer of June Davitashvili. She died at the age of 65 years, departed this life virtually in obscurity, forgotten and the media, and the public.

Where and what are the other prominent Soviet psychics and healers?

First of all — whether to believe that psychics and healers have special powers? Question of faith — intimate, everyone decides for himself what to believe. However, it should be recalled that the Foundation of James Randi for many years is looking for a real psychic, ready to show their abilities in front of the cameras or the inhabitants, and before the skeptics-scientists, who can properly set up an experiment. Looking to pass $ 1 million in that case, if the existence of psychic abilities will be confirmed. So far unsuccessfully, though tried to take the money many, says Vitaly Klapkowski in “” (Latvia).

But back to the great Soviet psychics, which was the belief of millions. Where are they now? Up to the present day survived not all. Became insanely popular in the vast ex-USSR Bulgarian prophetess Vanga died in 1996, magician Yury Longo in 2006. And the rest…

Anatoly Kashpirovsky still touring

Psychotherapist Anatoly Kashpirovsky became known shortly before ruthless, when he became a member of several teleconferences, during which hypnotized people and even replaced his hypnotic eyes anesthesia. This was followed by a series of “Sessions health a psychotherapist Anatoly Kashpirovsky” during which he held a massive “treatment” of millions of Soviet citizens from different diseases. In 1991, Deepak invited the UN to apply his method of treatment to even a wider audience, but the response the idea has not found.

Despite the sharp rise, and instantly received the glory, Deepak quickly disappeared from television. To thank for this is the Ministry of health, who in 1993 put an end to the presence of psychics on TV. And Kashpirovsky in 1993 he published his monograph and was elected to the state Duma of Russia from LDPR. The Deputy managed to stay only for two years. In 1995, was among the negotiators during the terrorist attack in Budennovsk. His public activity had ended, and Kashpirovsky became a hero not Federal, but local news (for example, in 2006, in Chelyabinsk against him was opened administrative case for “pseudocereals”).

75-year-old Anatoly Kashpirovsky continues to tour Russia and CIS countries and meets the people. Does he healing? According to the law — should not, because technically, such activities are illegal.

Allan Chumak retired

Unlike Anatoly Kashpirovsky, Alan Chumak came to the healing from the other end — journalistic. The official legend says that in the 1970–1980 he, as a journalist, has investigated various cases of “so-called healing” and came to the fact that he is something in himself felt. Truly he, however, turned, as Kashpirovsky, in the late 1980s — early 1990s, when using the TV mass “charged” to various inanimate objects and conducted treatment people. Thus, unlike Kashpirovsky, Chumak was

man of few words.

Later, in 2000, Chumak also tried to get into the Duma, but failed, gaining only about 3% of the vote. Today Allan Chumak for 80 years. By 2009 he has written three books and continues to engage in “research activities”, and no-no and will rock the old way — gives a sparkling future projections.

Grigory Grabovoi did, and then he’s gone

If Kashpirovsky, Chumak and Longo in earnest, with the power do not conflict and behaved rather modestly, Grigory Grabovoy was a bird of a completely different flight. He said about himself in the early 1990s, having developed at once rough activity — not just doing treatments, but had signed the relevant agreements with legal entities and even promised to conduct a “mental” diagnosis of electronic equipment (also for money). For a long time this went on, even though there have been egregious cases (like signing the contract of “insurance” employees of a certain company from the calculation $ 2,000 per employee per year), but in 2006 it was tried for fraud and even convicted. It turned out that the citizen hornbeam fraudulent manner, introducing people into a trance, lured money from them.

Hornbeam is also regularly called himself the second Jesus, publicly promised to raise the dead, heal AIDS and cancer in the last stages, to teleport people and things, diagnosing the equipment at a distance, etc. etc. Even tried to run for President of Russia. There is also information that Grabovoi had requested money from the mothers of children killed in the terrorist attack in Beslan, but it was later refuted. What is known for certain is the fact that he publicly promised to raise these unfortunate children.

In 2010, he was paroled and has since vanished into thin air. Two years later, tabloids wrote that Grabovoy was killed, but officially it was never confirmed.

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