Healing AZ
Healing is a system of knowledge, which in respect of itself or another person leads to health. Health is a harmonious balance between inner and outer, mind, feelings and body.…

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Recipes of traditional medicine: Beans
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Lamb fat: benefit, harm

Lamb fat is most often used in Caucasian and Oriental cuisine. The Europeans, it is rarely used. This product is prepared from a rump (a special “bag” behind the special variety of sheep) and sheep internal fat of the carcass. Regarding animal fats, there is a lot of controversy. Some consider them useful, others “poison”. The truth, as always, somewhere in the middle. Than helpful and when harmful mutton fat?


Commercially available three kinds of lamb fat:

Higher . Is obtained by melting the fresh internal fat and tail parts. In finished form white, solid. Allowed slightly yellowish tint. In the molten state is transparent.

1st grade . We provide qualitative crude fat. Has a slightly greyish or greenish tint. In melted form – transparent.

2nd grade . Also done from the crude fat of good quality. In molten form the slight haze.

The taste and smell of fat of the highest grade specific, “RAM”. Products of the 1st and 2nd grades have the taste of crispy pork rinds.

Useful than animal fat?

It is a source of saturated fatty acids . Perhaps the most controversial issue of the usefulness of the product. It is found in many publications that assert the absolute harmfulness of saturated fats. But in small doses they are vital to the human body. Without achivement violated the synthesis of certain hormones. In particular, sex. A complete rejection of saturated fatty acids or their insufficient intake (if vegetarian diet or frequent dieting) can for women end infertility, and male impotence.

Animal fat is easily digested . He did not give much burden on the digestive tract. In the East it is believed that the melted sheep fat prolongs youth.

Lamb fat is high in calories. Even a small amount gives a feeling of satiety and helps to quickly replenish energy .

Vitamin a in the product necessary for proper protein and fat metabolism, participates in the visual analysis, supports the immune system .

Lamb fat is able to exert an antioxidant effect. It enhances the circulation and tissue regeneration .

To cook in tail fat recommended for people who are engaged in mental activity. Vitamin B1 in its composition does not allow the brain cells to age, retains attention and memory in old age .

Lamb fat affects the beauty of skin, hair and nails . Working from the inside, it accelerates the regeneration of tissues at all levels, helps the cells-to-date, to counteract the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

In rendered tail fat contains about 50% monounsaturated fatty acids. In particular, omega-9. She participates in the construction of cell membranes, is the source of energy for the body .

The use in folk medicine

Fat is widely used in folk medicine as an external agent. It helps to heal burns, abrasions, purulent wounds. Used for the treatment of baldness. Folk medicine recommends to eat lamb product in violation of fat metabolism and liver dystrophy.

Product for relief of colds . Used to treat chronic bronchitis, prolonged dry cough. This melted mutton fat rubbed the chest and back. Close the wrap and heat up. Preferably such compresses to do at night. Even one treatment gives a positive effect.

Fat fat can be treated a cold even in children . It deeply warms and does not cause allergies.

External application it is desirable to be combined with internal reception. A tablespoon of lamb fat to melt in a glass of warm milk. To drink for the night. For three to five days of this treatment the cough goes away completely.

Fat-fat helps with Wen . Melt a teaspoon, cool and lubricate the bulge. Repeat every day until Wen will not disappear completely.

Effectively melted mutton fat with calcaneal spur . Need one raw egg with shell mixed with fat (100 grams) and vinegar (100 g). To leave for the day in a dark place. Then moisten the gauze in the mixture, attach to the spur. Over – sock. The procedure is done for the night. After a week your heels will be soft and smooth.

Lamb fat is an effective remedy for varicose veins . Thin slices should be applied to painful veins and secure it with a bandage. Times a day fat to change. The results will be noticeable after about a month.

Grease relieves pain in the joints . From product make compresses for the night. Warm lubricate painful joints and wrap.

The product deeply warms, regenerates tissue, improves circulation and stops the pain. These effects are based and the healing effects of mutton fat.


In mutton fat have cholesterol. Excessive consumption of the product may cause plaque formation and blockage of blood vessels.

Hobby sheep fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.