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5 medicinal plants that can be grown at home – Step to Health

No matter whether you live in a big house or a modest apartment, medicinal plants can be grown all year round. It is sufficient to allocate space for multiple pots regularly to water the plants and provide them with natural sunlight. Aloe Vera, mint, chamomile… natural will be your assistant in maintaining the health of the whole family. In addition, the kids love to watch grow green Pets.

In our article we will tell you which herbs you can grow on your own windowsill and what useful properties they possess.

Useful herbs and plants

Just imagine, at your disposal all year round will have a small garden in which you will collect the useful plants and use them at any convenient time! Colds, pain in the abdomen, a wound that heals… long time — these and other issues will solve your green helpers. Nature is wise and wonderful, she gives us medicine for almost all diseases, we need only to accept this generous gift.

So, we picked up 5 plants that possess the maximum health benefits, and you will easily be able to grow them at home.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a fantastic set of useful properties. Its thick leaves contain water, enzymes and amino acids that can quickly regenerate skin and zajisteny. Therapeutic gel from aloe is easy to extract, just separated from the leaf pulp. It effectively used for skin care, weight loss, problems with digestion and bowel etc.

Aloe Vera does not require frequent watering and regular care. Just put it on the Sunny side, in summer the plant can be put on the balcony. When planting it is better to use clay, not plastic pot. Fill the earth with 50% of peat and definitely don’t forget the drainage. Aloe is very tolerant of direct sunlight, in winter it’s better to protect the plant against cold and draught.

2. Mint

Mint is ideal for treating stomach pain, calms and relaxes, it can be combined with other herbs to prepare medicinal teas and tinctures. This is a wonderful home cure that you will easily be able to grow myself in a pot or in the garden in the garden. Add it to desserts and hot dishes.

Growing mint is very easy, it will delight you with a fresh aroma and green all the year round. This plant is unpretentious and repels ants, flies, and other insects. For mint make a clay pot, add in the drain, and then mix earth and peat in equal amounts. Mint prefers partial shade, so do not expose it to direct sunlight.

3. Sage

Do you know what means in translation “the sage”? “To stay in good health”! And it’s not just words, sage — wonderful ingredient for infusions, decoctions, teas and hot dishes. It soothes, improves digestion, reduces inflammation and headache.

For growing sage suitable clay loam with good drainage. He will need a lot of sun, so put the plant on the Sunny side or the balcony.

4. Parsley

Parsley has a wonderful detoxifying properties, it cleanses the kidneys, strengthens immune system, eliminates bad breath. In addition, it is an excellent seasoning for salads, hot dishes and vegetable cocktails. Parsley contains large amounts of iron, so it is recommended to eat at least a spoonful of this plant every day.

How to grow parsley on your window sill? So, the main condition is that this plant requires at least 5 hours of sun a day, then it is possible to remove the shadow. Prepare a small pot or box with drainage, earth and peat. Parsley is grown from seed, so it will take some time to appear the first shoots. Don’t forget to water the ground every day. As soon as the parsley will rise, every day it would grow and grow.

Remember that parsley grown at home, more fragrant and spicy than what we buy in the store. And, of course, more useful.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the medicinal plants that you should have on hand. She has a calming effect, improves sleep, relieves fatigue and regulates the work of cardiovascular system.

Plant chamomile in the summer in warm weather. It will need a ground with a small amount of sand and good drainage. Put the plant in the part of the house where it will receive diffused light — Daisy will die in direct sunlight.

For the preparation of infusions and decoctions of chamomile you will need blossoms, so wait until the flowers are fully open and carefully cut them so as not to damage the stem.

So, we told you about 5 most useful medicinal plants that can be grown at home with the children. Watch them grow and enjoy the health benefits!

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