Treatment gland folk remedies
Open your mouth, and you will see two small outgrowth on either side of the rear wall of the throat. These are your tonsils. Above on the back wall of…

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Where does the bald head?
Baldness is often associated with problems that only affect men: hair loss accuse the male hormone testosterone. This male hair loss is a specific type of disease and is called…

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is now deservedly at the peak of popularity. After all, the official is not available to all because of the high cost of services and medications, and cure one, injure another. The medication destroys our liver and kidneys, promotes the development of allergic reactions. Having lost faith, we pull out the old notebooks and turn to homemade recipes.

At the origins of official medicine was folk medicine. About it we tell our grandmothers, but I prefer to warn her doctors. Sometimes, when the absent-minded self, it causes terrible complications of the disease, and in some cases saves the lives of seemingly hopeless patients. So whether or not to trust folk remedies or not? Only you can solve, and responsibility for their health and life borne by each for himself. Your health is in your hands.

We provide you with a collection of folk recipes treatment of various ailments, but for informational purposes only, and disclaim responsibility for the consequences of applying either a prescription without medical supervision. For more, read the disclaimer . You cannot ignore traditional medicine does. But be sure to tell your doctor if you are going to treat folk remedies any disease. Of course, the specialist in any case will not be delighted with your ideas and not rush to support it, but will be able to say, I will not degrade this means your condition.

Literally a century ago without such “unreliable” medicine population would be reduced many times over. So is it worth to deny it! Yes, with the advent of medical facilities and skilled professionals we have increased lifespan, some diseases have been completely destroyed, and the majority of the existing established vaccines. But folk medicine is still alive, and folk remedies are popular.

Most often, traditional medicine is resorted to, when a person has any symptoms, not a specific disease. That is why professional diagnosis is in a medical facility. Knowing the cause of the disease, will help to cope with it.

National cosmetology has at its disposal many recipes of masks, decoctions, potions to fix problems with nails, skin and hair. Such folk remedies are used to improve appearance, so usually harmless, but there are exceptions. Sometimes the girls in pursuit of beauty are on very dangerous activities that promise “fast hair growth” and “instant freedom from acne”. Which is a mustard mask, the former at one time very popular, which can contribute to baldness.

Remember to ask the specialist never hurts. The exception is harmless chamomile or similar concoctions. There are many recipes for strengthening overall health. Almost all use grandmother’s advice of a cold or a slight indisposition, even the doctors. But here, be wary. Self-treatment even proven methods may harm your body. In the recent increase in allergic reactions to pollen and volatile, as contained in plants. This can be very dangerous to life.

There are times when some methods recommended by doctors themselves. Tonic folk remedy in chronic diseases are beneficial for almost everyone, so sometimes it is necessary not only to take pills, but to seek the advice of folk medicine (under strict supervision of doctors!). In the recovery period to strengthen the health effect after surgery or medical course for the prevention of disease, your family doctor may recommend some remedies which be helpful.