The use of medicinal herbs for various diseases
Bowel disease can be treated: 1. Astringent, anti-inflammatory: Calamus, pomegranate, knotweed, Highlander green, St. John's wort, nettle, calendula, viburnum (bark, color, fruit), sorrel, oak bark, bloodroot erect, walnut (leaf), plantain,…

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Cleansing the liver of toxins with herbs.
This method to clean the liver can be called a true "alarm". Consists of three stages: Stage 1 . cleansing from parasites along with choleretic effect. Lasts 3 days. Recipe:…

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The use of medicinal plants

The use of medicinal plants, to help nurse, biographies of men of science and medicine

The vegetation of Russia is diverse – from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. The main reason for all this diversity — differences in climate in different areas. On the rugged North you can find a carpet of plants with the advantage of lichens, in our part of Russia where the weather is more favorable, the most common trees in the South — where summer is hot and very low humidity, there may be basically a group of steppe and desert plants.

Most forty percent of the medical drugs used are the drugs of vegetable origin, obtained almost always from 300 useful herbs for use by the Ministry of health of the country. In our medicine covers more than 2500 medicinal herbs .

Currently there is a widespread bee products – honey and Royal jelly. Natural active substances contained in plants and the honey and bee bread are products of metabolism of beneficial microorganisms,as a result, the human body they are perceived easier, than industrial medicines. The use of healing plants and herbs, and also honey for the purpose of profilaktiki of electibility illnesses is for us of great interest.

This resource lekarst-rast taken and grouped information of Russian and foreign information on the use of medicinal herbs, and information of ancient medicine. The primary focus of the resource is given to the use of herbs with the description medical forms, describes how to use the most 250 species of healing plants to cure the most common diseases.

To help the nurse

Nursing — the study of the implementation of some major medical and preventive procedures, for example, infusions, taking blood sample, heart rate control, and about the care of the sick. Such a name due to the fact that in the conditions of hospitals and diagnostic centres in the above procedure is carried out nurses.It so happens that the nurse needs to know information on diseases in large encyclopedias of medical practice. These encyclopedias have to go to the library and spent hours in the reading room. That’s pretty inconvenient and slow. The proposed web portal practice nurses. Designed for nurses, working in offices and at stations medical aid, combines comprehensive information about commonly encountered in practice diseases, including signs of pathologies. Professional training on the specialty “Nursing” get into Medical school.

Biographies of the representatives of science and medicine

Here is a navigation menu that will help you search for a famous person or you may use the navigation menus. All the meeting famous people is divided by the nature of their practice, so to find a particular person will be easy. All meetings contain Photos, so you can easily see the correctness of the chosen person and to get more information about it. We have collected the known facts of the life not only domestic but also foreign idols, which imitated abroad, such as athletes. All materials presented on our native language, making it easy to locate the right person will be easy.