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The benefits and harms of potato juice

Potato juice with biological properties relate to strong activators of inflammatory processes, and mineral composition — the most valuable therapeutic concentrate. Useful properties of potato juice is widely used in folk medicine. So, consider, how useful potato juice.

It helps with the belching, heartburn, and gastric bleeding. Heartburn it is necessary to clean a potato of medium size, cut into small pieces and chewing slowly, one after the other.

Freshly squeezed potato juice cleanses the whole body. Mixed juice of celery and carrot juice it is very good for nervous disorders and indigestion. Daily consumption of 500 grams of beetroot, carrot, cucumber and potato juice often gives a positive result within a rather short period, only if from the diet excluded all meat and fish products.

Grated raw potatoes are considered a good remedy for healing eczema, burns and other skin lesions. Pounded mass of raw potato applied to the affected skin areas. You can also soak freshly squeezed potato juice with a gauze bandage and apply it to the inflamed location. Bandages at atompolitik be changed after 4-6 hours.

Raw potato juice take 1/2 Cup 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals with ulcer disease duodenum and stomach, gastritis with high acidity.

Juice of potato also has mild laxative, diuretic, antimicrobial, tonic, analgesic action, supports normal hemoglobin levels, improves the cardiovascular system and kidneys, improves digestion, stimulates bowel function, eliminates the headaches.

Besides potato juice lowers blood pressure, therefore consuming hypertension.

Even potato juice is used in cosmetology. If you add a small amount of honey and to impregnate this balm gauze, we get a very good facial mask that eliminates acne and evens skin tone, relieves irritation. Packs of potato juice will help get rid of dark circles (so-called bruises) under the eyes.

Another important therapeutic property of the potato juice is that it helps people with cancer. This property was discovered not so long ago and it was connected with the fact that raw potato juice contains large amounts of biologically active substances that are harmful to the nascent cancer cells.

It is necessary to use potato juice immediately after cooking, letting to settle him, literally, within minutes, to extract from it the maximum of useful properties. Otherwise most of the vitamins will oxidize within 10 minutes, the juice will become dark and its beneficial properties will be much weaker.

Because potato juice has an unpleasant taste, it can be mixed with carrot juice, beet juice or cabbage.

For prevention it is enough to consume 100 ml of juice before meals. For the treatment of specific diseases dose set individually, depending on the complexity of the disease, as well as overall tolerability of potato juice.

Potato juice contraindications

Potato juice is harmful to people with low acidity of the stomach, as well as people who suffer a severe form of diabetes. In the presence of such diseases before use, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Not recommended for a long time to drink potato juice in large amounts as it can “put” the pancreas.

In no event it is impossible to prepare potato juice from sprouted or green potatoes, because the potato contains toxic substances. The optimal time for the treatment of potato juice is considered the period from July to February. At this time, the potato is still quite fresh and contains many healing properties.

How to make potato juice

To make juice you should use fresh (not limp) fries, best pink varieties. Before cooking the potatoes, rinse, peel and then immediately processed. To prepare potato juice can be 2 ways:

1) you Can grate the potatoes on a plastic grater, the resulting mass squeeze through a folded cheesecloth several times;

2) you Can cook the juice, passing the potatoes through a juicer.