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The main differences from real doctors “healers”

Reveal the secrets of the stars “folk medicine”.

Most people consider themselves to be fairly experienced and demanding customers, which is not so easy to cheat. However, judging by the fact that recently again there was a fashion for the treatment of various “healers”, “psychics” and “healers”, in pseudoscience and alternative medicine, many are still surprisingly gullible. Fortunately, the methods and the rhetoric of adherents of non-academic medical science for centuries isn’t really changed, so to distinguish quackery from real medicine quite easily. Here are some main signs of the “magicians” from pseudoscience.

1. “Secret knowledge”

One of the main signs of pseudo-medical claims to secret knowledge. If the “miracle healer” says that great-great-grandmama is a witch gave him the secret recipe ointment, allow 15 minutes to cope with its worst stage of cancer, it is not necessary to spend your time and money. 2. “A global conspiracy”

Uverennostiu the existence of a “global conspiracy”, which consist of the largest medical institutions and companies in the world also very characteristic of “psychics” and “healers” and various sellers of dietary supplements. Of course, such conspiracy theories are very far from the reality of the professional ethics does not allow doctors to conceal from each other the information that could save someone’s life. Pharmaceutical corporations usually try to keep the tricks of the production and development of medicines do not fall to their competitors, but in this sector of the market involves so many companies, government officials and scholars, that they hardly could arrange the overall conspiracy.

3. Flattery

To distinguish the swindler from the doctor can the manner of communication — at least once resorted to the “non specialists” you may have noticed that they always try to flatter the customer, make it clear that they consider him smart, insightful and careful. Professionals often don’t try to make a good impression — their goal is to provide patients with the necessary assistance and accurate information about his condition, not to win his confidence by flattery.

4. “Evil toxins”

Artificially injected hysteria about the dangers, which are toxins to the human body favorable to supporters of nonconventional methods of treatment anything else. If you believe different shows, and Internet publications, the shelves filled with incredibly harmful goods that almost entirely consist of deadly toxins which can be neutralized only patented miracle cure with a four-digit price. The problem is that “toxins” is a common name for all poisons of biological origin, therefore, in different cases of intoxication require different types of medical care.

5. “The theory of the unrecognized genius”

In pseudo-medicine is widely used the ideas from various “gurus” rejected by the medical community. The adherents of such theories are ready with foam at a mouth to prove his innocence, asserting that their knowledge will become Orthodox by common truths, but while academic medicine is not ready for such techniques. However, the history of science proves that the revolutionary ideas almost never occur spontaneously — for years scientists collect and systematize various information and in some cases they really become a full-fledged scientific knowledge.

In other words, no matter how tempting was the thought of Isaac Newton half-life and sleeping under the trees, and then his head fell an Apple, causing the scientist became a founder of modern physics is nothing more than a legend. The discovery of the law of universal gravitation — not by chance or luck, but the result of years of hard work of the great British.

6. “Latest methods”

To win the client’s trust, the fraudsters like to talk about different “innovative practices” and “miracle methods” that appeared just yesterday, but already “showing great results”, while the more “healer” speaks of complex and exotic terms, the more respect to him imbued the patient.

Many “healers” and “woman” are knowledgeable enough about the latest trends in traditional medicine, allowing them the freedom to rant for example, epigenetics and the human microbiome, but more confident than when said pseudo-healer, the more you should be cause for concern. A large portion of practicing physicians are skeptical about the revolutionary innovations and professionals never prescribe to the patient “experimental treatment”, without telling about all the possible dangers and side effects. If “specialist” assures you one hundred percent efficiency of the method and the absence of any contraindications, so its sole purpose is not to help, and empty your wallet.