Unconventional cancer treatment
Unfortunately most people are lazy by nature and prefer to be in ignorance and inaction regarding their own health. This is especially true of emerging diseases, such as cancer. The…

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Boiled onion - benefits, harms, calorie
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Physiotherapy (from the Greek “physis” – nature + “therapeia” – cure) is an area of medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic action of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body. Physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic and prophylactic areas of medicine, which includes many sections. Among the most significant sections of physiotherapy include treatment by using electricity, light, water, therapeutic muds, thermal radiation and various mechanical effects. Each of these sections includes a number of separate or integrated treatment methods based on the use of a physical factor.

The greatest number of methods combines the electrotherapy (methods using electric fields, DC, AC, continuous and discontinuous current, the alternating magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields). Light therapy consists of techniques that use the energy of light, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Vocabularity methods based on the use of fresh water (in the form of showers, baths and other hydrotherapeutic procedures), as well as natural and artificially prepared mineral waters and therapeutic muds different. Heat therapy includes methods based on the use of heat transmitted to the body by hot wax, ozokerite, therapeutic muds, sand, steam, dry air. Treatment vozdeistviyam mechanical ultrasound therapy, vibrotherapy, massage and manual therapy.

In our multidisciplinary clinic, we use virtually the entire spectrum of known and proven techniques, covering almost all the existing sections of physiotherapy. In the “Alternative” offers:

Among the most promising directions of development of modern medicine, laser treatment methods is a honorable leader. They are used in diseases of almost all organs and systems: cardiovascular, genitourinary and nervous systems, respiratory organs, digestive tract and ENT-organs, musculoskeletal system and skin. The therapeutic effect of laser therapy achieved at the expense of influence of a source of laser radiation on certain areas and points on the body. The laser beam without obstacles penetrates to a greater depth, where he began his “work” – stimulates metabolism in the affected tissues, stimulates healing and tissue regeneration.

With intravenous laser therapy (ILIB) influence of laser aimed exclusively on blood. Finest lighting conductor is inserted into a vein and allows, acting on the whole mass of blood in the body, to stimulate the process of hematopoiesis, enhance immunity and metabolism in the body, increase the most important function of blood is transport.

Laser therapy, like almost all physiotherapy techniques, can not only be applied as a separate treatment course, but also to act as a “helper” during the course of drug therapy. This combination of techniques allows the Clinician to achieve better therapeutic effect.

On average a course of laser therapy in our multidisciplinary clinic is about 10 sessions. In some cases, to consolidate the achieved effect of treatment can be repeated after six months, You will be informed by your doctor.

The healing properties of water have been known since ancient times, people. These properties are not only brilliantly described in the oral folklore, but also took a strong position in folk medicine. Modern technology and advanced medical thought, adopting the people’s wisdom, has transformed the treatment of water in a serious section of physiotherapy is water therapy, or hydrotherapy. Modern hydrotherapy are based on mechanical and thermal effects of water on the human body, in which the pulses received by the skin during therapeutic contact with water, are transferred through nervous system in the body. Penetrating deep into the body, impulses stimulate the immune system, correct hormone production, increase blood circulation and normalize digestion, reduce pain.

The most common method of hydrotherapy is the use of therapeutic baths, as during this contact of the water with all the dissolved nutrients can easily penetrate through the skin and is perfectly absorbed by the body.

Well-known literary facts “Cleopatra’s baths”, a fairy bathing in the springs of living water, and many other examples of therapeutic and rejuvenating effects of water per person are reflected in the methods that we suggest You try for yourself and to evaluate their effect!