Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical measures that are grouped for the purpose of detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, preservation and strengthening of health and…

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Unconventional cancer treatment
Unfortunately most people are lazy by nature and prefer to be in ignorance and inaction regarding their own health. This is especially true of emerging diseases, such as cancer. The…

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Healing AZ

Healing is a system of knowledge, which in respect of itself or another person leads to health.

Health is a harmonious balance between inner and outer, mind, feelings and body. To be healthy means to obtain a state in which the opportunity of living life, a deep personal and social realization.

Against the person because he is a multidimensional being, health is a multidimensional concept. In the concept of health includes health of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If the first two all clear, as a rule, mental health is when I am in harmony with his conscience, when my soul all is calm, all is well, when I can build a spiritual atmosphere, to create, to rely on spiritual qualities, and developing these or other events. And spiritual health is when I understand who I am, what I like, where, when and how. And when we talk about health — you need to include all of this holistic education. Healing session the alpha Zeta this rule is intended to restore and maintain.

Esoteric program “alpha-Zeta” refers to the learning of healing and giving knowledge about the energy structure of man, the chakras, about the causes of blocks, disease, etc. early in training, you will receive information about what is the inner source and where it is,you will learn to feel and control energy flows of Source, saturating yourself, your life and the space around. To those who revealed their source in the Life of a special relationship: she will always find a way to help such a person realize and arrange everything the best way. Life is like magic!

To learn healing everyone, and in this process there is no framework, just its desire. You can ask fairly simple questions for determination: “do I not get sick?”, “I want to keep my family healthy?”, “Am I ready to help myself and others?”. If the internal answer is Yes, feel free to savaites for training. Healing is not tied to a particular place because a person “turns” in the mobile medical station, where there is everything to achieve the desired result. It remains only to choose the place where you or your patient will not be some time to bother.

“Teaching healing” is a system of logical coherent information blocks that allows the most complete and fully perceive each new section of the knowledge acquired in the learning process.

Of course, information about healing a lot, but it is scattered, and, as a consequence, there is no clear understanding of its use and competent methods of communicating to man.


Energy is a scalar physical quantity that characterizes the ability of a body to do work.


Energy is always and everywhere, its a huge amount. Moreover, you can learn how to be this source.


People used to divide the world into black and white. But each event, the phenomenon has many facets of reality. There is no negative or positive energy: is the energy and information of conscious and unconscious. No wonder black holes are called black, but dark matter is dark, simply because we do not understand the processes taking place within them. Once people realized that “black” was gone.

Energy blocks in the etheric body of man interfere with the movement of energy. But the most interesting thing that blocks itself — is the energy, but only stagnant, unused. With the help of energy-information healing units get movement and life. Then all your blocks, unresolved issues, negative emotions and things become gifts. Blocks — these are situations that we are not able to pass or survive, now they were obsessive thoughts, stereotypes, programs. And while we do not resolve them, evolution is not possible. Because to accept the new power, you need to have to be strong.


Yes, if we translate this energy into the quality that you need.


We practice health and energizing! You also get the knowledge of how to become a source of energy for themselves and others, how to charge and constantly feel ALIVE, real, healthy!

How and why we are CHARGING high-QUALITY ENERGY?

During the energy session we unpack gifts — we translate our energy into a NEW QUALITY, who give life and give it a go, realize the purpose of energy.

After the session we get the energy feeling of fullness and understanding, why, in what cases this energy is given to us.

How does the HEALING?

Russian language has their strength and knowledge. No wonder the words “healing”, “integrity” and “purpose” have a common root. Healing implies the restoration of human integrity in all parameters: the harmony of body, emotions, thoughts, soul and spirit.

Excellent mood and healthy sleep have a direct impact on your health. Alfa-zet is working on the karmic level, with the root cause of diseases.

Therefore, when working Alfa-zet is the healing of the individual, the restoration of the psychosomatic nervous system, endocrine system, structure of the human being as a whole. And you come out of the cage of everyday life. The world starts playing for you in different colors. You begin to notice the beautiful little things – the sound of rain, music, wind, scents and colors.

Become a Creator of Your Life thanks to the super abilities of Alfa-Zet!

After all, the motto of the Alfa-Zet: “My strength is the strength of the world. All the power of the world is my strength!”