Medicinal plants of Kyrgyzstan
Open the reference medicinal plants. St. John's wort, mint, thyme, Valerian, motherwort, hawthorn, dog-rose, mother-and-stepmother, oregano, plantain, juniper, birch, cornflower, chamomile. All of this list of generous presents in Kyrgyzstan.…

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The benefits and harms of potato juice
Potato juice with biological properties relate to strong activators of inflammatory processes, and mineral composition — the most valuable therapeutic concentrate. Useful properties of potato juice is widely used in…

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Tatiana the Ural folk healer: the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient, treatment for the back

Tatiana The Ural

Learning Magic and Healing in the Magical School of Sciences

The first set of Students for training. Classes in the theoretical foundations and practical skills of magic. The training is taught by two masters.

The first course consists of 12 sessions at 2.5 hours. Training covers:

– The theory of energy streams

– Diagnosis and reading of information from the person in various ways.

– Work with the pendulum frame.

– Identifying and removing different types of negativity – the evil eye, damage, curses, negative generic programs.

– Diagnostics of negativity in the room, cleaning and setting of protection. – Manufacture of amulets for money and luck.

– The basics of healing ( treating alcoholism, headache and toothache)

– Training divination on the cards. Diagnosis of diseases and negatives of using cards.

– Removing negativity from oneself.

– Charging from the elements, trees. Self-cleaning and self-healing.

– Will visit the Places of Power with the ritual on the health and well-being.

As a gift to all who will take the entire Course until the end of the ritual execution of desires!

Non-traditional healing is becoming more popular, folk treatment is more effective and safe than chemical drugs. Clairvoyance – fortunetelling, predicting the future – can help considerably in decision making. Clairvoyants will help to assess any situation in life.

Just a shame for the millions of people who suffer from many diseases, not knowing how to maintain and regain their health, although the path to recovery may be near – in a simple and accessible folk medicine. Healing, treatment of diseases (treatment for the back, folk treatment of alcoholism. and most importantly – the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient ) – in healing prayer. Because the disease is given to man according to his works.

Folk medicine has always been closely linked with the history and spiritual traditions of the people.

In the villages at all times is a real help and good advice people receive the folk healers – sorcerers and soothsayers the wise woman, who carefully preserved the accumulated generations of folk healers and sages of knowledge and experience. And passed healers this knowledge is only worthy of seeing the student in front of them. So much of these precious knowledge came to our days and has been used successfully. Thus medicine before becoming an academic, has traveled a long and difficult path, but the basis of it was folk medicine – wisdom and centuries of observation.

Healing is often combined not only with prayers but also with various cult rituals, incantations, magic, wiccan. It is possible to speak of the disease, there are spells for love, spells for money, love omens, lapels, charms on the removal of damage, a lot of different spells to help people. The impact of these factors is no less essential than the effect of the therapeutic agents themselves.

Conspiracies – it miraculously survived the formula of ancient magic spells.

The healing is accompanied by conspiracy theories, “prophetic” words, whisperings. Some of the words in them – the remains of our ancestors prayers about deliverance from disease.

A true healer who has knowledge of our ancestors with dignity should go all the way of the healer.

A healer is a person who is able to help other people.

Before you heal, I ask for help from our Lord Jesus Christ

“Thy will be done “