Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam
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Traditional and non-traditional medicine
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Folk remedies from psoriasis, traditional methods of treating psoriasis how to cure psoriasis folk remedies

Have long wanted to tell you about folk remedies from psoriasis . as popular treatment relevant today, so keep reading to find out the national psoriasis treatment methods and most importantly how to cure psoriasis folk remedies.

In a state where only the first visible symptoms of psoriasis, treatment of folk remedies is much more effective. Traditional medicine for psoriasis is ready to offer many recipes for ointments and infusions of healing herbs and nutrients.

Effective folk remedies for psoriasis

Psoriasis treatment celandine

One of the most popular folk methods of treatment of psoriasis . is the juice of celandine. This treatment is only possible during the summer, when the plant begins to bloom. The technique of this procedure is that the celandine should uproot, break, and even though fresh juice is applied on the psoriatic spot. If this be repeated every day throughout the summer, when celandine grows abundantly, at the end of the third month you will notice the result. To provide such treatment of psoriasis celandine should three summers in a row, then the skin may be completely cleansed of plaque.

More effective before using celandine is a folk remedy for psoriasis as birch tar. They smear platelets, incubated for one hour, zataskivaya, and then smear the juice of the plant. Such procedures must be at least 15.

Folk recipes treatment of psoriasis also advised to use and the roots of celandine, to prepare infusions. The roots of celandine in powdered form in the amount of 4 tablespoons pour 0.5 liters of alcohol, a few hours later the infusion is ready for use. She is prepared for rubbing sore spots.

Popular ointment for psoriasis whipped eggs At early stages of disease can you use ointment, which can be obtained from a mixture of two eggs and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. All you need is a whisk, and then add half tablespoons of acetic acid. The capacity of this facility should be kept tightly closed and in a place where no light is falling. To apply, smearing spots on the night.

Traditional methods of treatment of psoriasis

Tub of walnut shell in psoriasis

This method is popular treatment of psoriasis is good to use during periods of exacerbation. To prepare the bath you need to take a pound of walnuts, remove the kernels, which are then useful to eat with honey. Shells should be placed in boiling water, then drain. The solution, which is obtained, should be added to the bath. The water should be few, about a quarter of the volume. The time of the adoption of such a bath – half an hour.

Medicinal herbs for psoriasis

Traditional medicine for psoriasis . and also at infringements of a metabolism and work of digestive advises to try to take an infusion of agrimony. To prepare a Cup of boiling water is taken tablespoon of dried plant in powder form. In an hour the infusion is filtered and brought to volume by adding boiling water to a glass. The reception is divided into four times, and follows this structure to drink before the meal.

Ointment on the basis of the meadowsweet root of the Popular treatment of psoriasis is not without many ointments. Using the grinder should the root be turned into a powder and then half a Cup to mix with vaseline or oil. After that, the mixture should be placed in a jar, close and boil in a water bath, while stirring occasionally. Use only chilled. Keep can in cool, but not too long.

How to cure psoriasis folk remedies

Psoriasis treatment juice berries

We all know that folk remedies from psoriasis . gave us the very nature and must be used. The following folk recipe is very simple: take one Cup of freshly picked strawberries and viburnum. Juice prepared from this mixture should smear the localization of plaques.

Ointment for psoriasis of the fish scales

All traditional recipes from psoriasis consist of products containing useful minerals and vitamins. In order to prepare such a facility would need a mixture of washed, dried and milled scales of different fish, add fish oil in a ratio of 1:1. The resulting mixture is rubbed psoriatic plaque, and after two hours rinse. It is better to make baby soap, then wet the sore spots with a light solution of vinegar.

Use mustard from psoriasis For the manufacture of such tools need to dry mustard powder, 0,5 teaspoon, dissolved in 2 teaspoons of tincture of eucalyptus, then you need to add vegetable oil, in exactly the same amount as powder. This mixture is applied to affected areas for 10 minutes and then wash off first with warm and then cold water. And then apply a nourishing cream.

Many folk remedies from psoriasis have good reviews and are often used in the home. Together with pharmacologic treatment, treatment of psoriasis folk remedies has taken its place in the fight against psoriasis and is recommended by healers and old-timers. I want to add that you should not rely on folk remedies as a treatment, firstly, must be integrated, and secondly, must be under the supervision of a medical specialist.