The main differences from real doctors "healers"
Reveal the secrets of the stars "folk medicine". Most people consider themselves to be fairly experienced and demanding customers, which is not so easy to cheat. However, judging by the…

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Treatment of folk remedies (From the book "How to help God's medicine") - URGENT care IN STROKE (tip Chinese Professor)
Keep the house or syringe needle. It's amazing and an unconventional way of salvation from a stroke. Read this to the end and then forward it on, you never know…

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Folk recipes for women’s health – Fashion, beauty, health, shopping, diet

Popular recipes from intimate problems

Come to the aid of traditional recipes. because most medicinal plants can be used for a long time, getting a result no worse than from synthetic drugs. Women’s magazine warns about the need for prior consultation with a specialist.

Popular recipes – a General tonic

For the treatment of almost all female diseases will help the gathering of certain herbs, you will either need to assemble yourself, that is not quite simple, either buy all in pharmacies. To prepare you will need: marshmallow root, avens root, elder flowers, grass clover, nettle, lavender, wormwood, marsh cudweed, hay, oats, flowers, lilac, blueberry shoots and buds of pine. This collection of herbs must be mixed and pour boiling water, three or four hundred grams. The resulting solution infuse for two hours before use to drain. The resulting infusion drink in any intimate diseases three times a day half an hour after meals. Infusion does not cause allergic reactions than are very convenient in the treatment of intimate diseases.

There are also recipes for intimate phyto therapy. The most common recipe is collection of flowers of cornflower, roots of elecampane, and licorice,raspberry canes, herbs, daisies, Artemisia, sage and lilac leaves. All collected or purchased herbs in the pharmacy need to take in the same amount and to pulverize, and then mix well. 10 grams of all the costs you need half a liter of boiling water. All the herbs pour boiling water and for 15 minutes and leave to steam, then infuse for at least two hours before use, strain the infusion. Phyto therapy can be performed two or three times a day. The infusion can also be used to wash and taking sitz baths.

Popular recipes from women’s diseases

The most common women’s diseases are colpitis and cervical erosion, but with these diseases to make folk medicine.

To treat obesity, need of douching. And as the infusion you can use plantain leaves or chamomile. For infusion take two tablespoons of the chopped herbs and pour half a liter of boiling water, leave to infuse plantain in two hours, and Daisy for about fifteen minutes. Infusion should be a light yellow color. If the solution turned dark brown, then you have exceeded the steeping time or put a lot of grass. The infusion of this concentration is not suitable for the treatment of intimate diseases. This infusion can be used twice a day for no more than two weeks in a row.

For the treatment of cervical erosion, it is useful to use an infusion of birch leaves, bergenia, plantain, herb St. John’s wort, nettle, yarrow, marigold flowers, chamomile. To prepare you need to take two tablespoons of any herb and pour half a liter of boiling water. The resulting infusion infuse for at least two hours, strain and use for douching twice a day. The course of treatment should not exceed fourteen procedures.

Doctors also advise if it is cervical erosion to enter the vagina a cotton ball with aloe juice or sea buckthorn oil. The swab need to drive one hour once a day, a course should include no more than fifteen procedures. Old ladies were advised to use a tampon with the honey solution for one hour, but not more than ten procedures per course of treatment.

Popular prescription healing ointments

For the treatment of female sexual diseases in addition to douching and use various herbal oils and herbs. For preparing ointments need quite a number of different herbs. For ointment you need to collect or purchase the herb St. John’s wort, Potentilla goose, lemon balm, sage, shepherd’s purse, violets, flax seeds, petals, leaves manzhetki and pine needles. For preparing ointments, take twenty grams of the herbs and pour them a hundred milliliters of boiling water, simmer for five minutes with continuous stirring. Then in a separate bowl melt seventy grams pork fat and add the same number of grams of vegetable oil. When the fat is boiling, add the herbal infusion. The resulting mass is cool and keep in the fridge. Ointment put on a tampon and insert for one hour in the vagina.

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