The benefits and harms of potato juice
Potato juice with biological properties relate to strong activators of inflammatory processes, and mineral composition — the most valuable therapeutic concentrate. Useful properties of potato juice is widely used in…

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Physiotherapy (from the Greek "physis" – nature + "therapeia" – cure) is an area of medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic action of natural and artificially created physical factors…

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Traditional medicine of South America

Holistic medicine

People – a complete system – that is the basic concept of alternative medicine, referred to as “holistic”.

“Traditional medicine tries to treat the cause of the disease, but a symptom, which that is manifested. The majority of doctors specializing in some narrow field, focus on a particular problem, forgetting that the body is a single unit and should be treated no consequence, but the cause of the disease. When she is discovered and cured – symptoms will be gone, and all body systems will be healthy. So seeks to be holistic medicine, while offering a wide range of methods and techniques find and fix the root cause” – so a homeopath Basil Romanchenko briefly describes the essence of holistic approach in medicine that stretches back thousands of years.

The history and the essence of holistic medicine

From the point of view of holism (a word of Greek origin meaning “integrity”), the world and all life that inhabits it are one, and, holism combines both material and idealistic beginning. That is, health is integrated from the interaction of factors such as heredity . anatomical features, physiological and biochemical nuances, the nervous system, as well as the social environment, external positive and negative mechanistically.

Thus, the fundamental fundamental principle of holism is unity and the basis of the holistic approach – increased capacity of the person. The adherents of the holistic approach believe that the most effective method of healing.

Even Heraclitus in the fifth century BC, stated: “one is all, all is one.” So, until the seventeenth century holism has been a major philosophical concept, and the holistic approach in medicine is the only way. With the development of official medical science of holistic medicine with all its directions left in the shade.

However, after 2-3 centuries, when it became clear that traditional medicine can not cope with all the problems, interest in the holistic approach resumed. Moreover, this tendency has developed everywhere, from Tibet and Far East countries to the countries of North, South America and Europe.

Main areas of holistic medicine

Each of them has a history spanning thousands of years. In different countries and at different times all of these methods were considered classical, but in our times they combine the concept of ” alternative medicine “.

Acupuncture affects the organs and systems Organizaciones acupuncture points with special needles. Method at least 5 thousand years. Widely used not only in its native China, but has spread throughout the world.

Ayurveda is a technique originating from India, divides people into three main types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each type, according to the method, the treatment requires a specific approach and therefore the patient, which refers to a particular type are assigned a specific diet and medications.

Herbal medicine treats herbs. Infusions, decoctions, extracts, ointments, pills and other drugs to treat, support viability of the organism, activates its protective function. One of the oldest techniques belonging to the Sumerian civilization.

Aromatherapy is used by mankind since prehistoric times all over the place – the homeland of this direction as such, no. The essence of the method lies in the fact that different plants extract essential oils and phytoncides. The resulting extract or inhaled (inhalation), or rubbing of the skin.

Homeopathy causes signs, symptoms of a particular disease. The method is very controversial: in some countries, homeopathic medicines included in the official Pharmacopoeia, in others it is strictly forbidden to even mention it even at the information level.

Osteopathy and chiropractic techniques that promote restoration of mobility of the spine and joints and relax the surrounding tissues. Method of exposure – manual; task – to release the structure of the system from functional units and to restore the circulation of liquids to create optimal movement of the human condition.

Reflexology works with the foot of a person by affecting the nerve endings in order to heal a particular organ associated with a particular point.

Alternative methods of treatment and health protection are becoming increasingly important in the health care market. Researchers at the University of new York, University of Pennsylvania /USA/ Peking University /China/ decide

Hirudotherapy leech cures, rather its saliva, which contains over a hundred bioactive drugs. This method is not one thousand years, and leeches can cure dozens of diseases, in addition hirudotherapy is widely used in and cosmetic purposes.

Thalassotherapy – treatment by sea water, marine products, marine climate overall, the sea treatment. In 1867 this unconventional methodology has become one of the official sections of clinical medicine and is widely used wherever there is sea.

And such techniques, many of which today even has received the status of official, dozens, if not hundreds: a variety of exercises, medical massages and special breathing, and flower essences treatments, and the treatment of stones, metal and so-forth.