Alternative medicine
Alternative medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical measures that are grouped for the purpose of detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, preservation and strengthening of health and…

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Treatment in Vietnam
Increasingly popular in recent years, use of our citizens as Vietnam tours. It attracts tourists not only by the exotic East, but also traditional for these countries, alternative medicine, pardon…

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Treatment in Vietnam

Increasingly popular in recent years, use of our citizens as Vietnam tours. It attracts tourists not only by the exotic East, but also traditional for these countries, alternative medicine, pardon the pun. The ability to combine the seemingly

Center for traditional medicine in Hanoi – one of the most popular hospitals in Vietnam. It is the oldest state medical institution. It has twenty two departments and is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. In addition, it is a leading educational and research center. All doctors of this medical center are skilled professionals who have academic ranks, great reputation and years of experience.

“Hot mineral spring V-Resort”. The resort is located sixty kilometers Northwest of Hanoi in the valley Venetian – ecologically clean place. The complex itself is reminiscent of the best health resorts of Anapa. Comfortable holiday complex “associated mineral Hot – exotic vacation with treatment and Wellness procedures – attracts every year thousands and thousands of tourists. In Vietnam a lot of medical institutions, health centers and resorts. They are well equipped and employs qualified staff and doctors, armed with knowledge of modern methods of treatment, and centuries-old experience of traditional Oriental medicine.

source V-Resort” – one of the most pleasant and quiet places to stay. Mineral source area, walking in orchards, plenty of entertainment – all this disposes to pleasant rest and intensive restoration of health. Hot water mineral springs possess high healing properties. It treats gastro-intestinal diseases, rheumatism, hypertension.

Health-medical centre “of Saigon-Bintao” is famous for its outdoor hot spring mineral water, which contains large amounts of nitrogen, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, silicon, and other minerals. Unique this source of water has a beneficial effect on the human body, helping to cure many diseases.

Hot mineral spring of Thap BA is a tourist recreational centre which offers a range of Wellness services, based on traditional Oriental medicine, therapeutic mud and mineral water. Balmy air eucalyptus groves, where the complex is located, also promotes healing and the body and soul. Mineral water of a local spring treats such diseases as migraine, diseases of the nervous system, stress, arthritis, rheumatism. muscle spasms and more. Mud therapy practiced at the center, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and rejuvenates the body as a whole.

There are in Vietnam and other mineral springs, the most famous of which Dantan. Kimball. MIAN. water of which is used for the treatment of many diseases.

In addition, in each province of Vietnam has both public and private clinics, medical institutions and offices, based on the methods of traditional Oriental medicine. A total of about ten thousand clinics are licensed to provide services for treatment by methods of traditional medicine of the East. Developed in Vietnam and the production of medicines from natural ingredients that are widely available at the Mall of Eastern medicine in Ho Chi Minh city. More than two-hundred stores and shops sell medicinal plants, raw materials and medicines.

Now it is worth briefly mentioning treatment methods in Vietnam. Traditional medicine of Vietnam is the Eastern methods of medicine which are just unconventional. Traditional Oriental medicine is based on the theory of the circulation of energy qi – the life energy of man. Stagnation of energy in the energy nodes that causes the disease, improving methods of acupuncture. Traditional Eastern medicine has leaped forward, using modern achievements of science. Unfortunately, she was powerless in advanced extent of the disease, and this is inferior to Western medicine.

Vietnamese acupuncture is acupuncture with moxibustion. This method in the treatment of bronchitis, neurasthenia. neuritis. neuralgia, etc. shows great results. In addition, Vietnamese medicine uses natural medicines. Most of them are based on vegetable substances, and especially the ginseng. In General, the nature of this country has about four thousand medicinal plants, among which many are rare.