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Heel spur – treatment of folk remedies

The main symptom that determines the presence of the disease is a sharp pain in the heel, comparable to as if stepping on a needle or a nail. In principle, it is because heel spur is an outgrowth in the form of a spike. Main reasons that give rise to heel spurs, can be different in each case. For some, this disease develops as a result of flatfoot, the other is the result of infectious diseases. The growth of heel spurs can be triggered by trauma to the calcaneus, overweight is an additional factor aggravating the situation. Ache not heel spurs, and pain creates an inflammatory process that develops in the plantar aponeurosis, injured a heel spur. Popular treatment of heel spurs in most cases relieves pain and brings relief.

The presence of a spur does not necessarily mean disease. Sometimes, it is detected on x-ray of a person who’s never experienced discomfort and pain. In this case, the presence of growth due to the anatomical individuality of the person and due to the peculiarities of its metabolism.

Defined heel spur is easy and does not require complex devices for diagnostics. Persons experiencing severe distinctive pain in the heel area, to confirm the diagnosis deleteriously picture and the patient is assigned the appropriate treatment. Running form requires surgical intervention, but in the early stages you can use conservative treatment aimed at the removal of inflammation and edema of soft tissues. If you have a heel spur, treatment of folk remedies will definitely help, the main thing is not to start the process and be persistent in your desire to overcome the disease.

Popular treatment of heel spurs is a rapid method

If the pain is not chronic in nature and has arisen recently, you can apply the following method of treatment.

• Refrain from uncomfortable shoes, Slippers, moccasins and high heel shoes. To wear throughout the time of treatment need comfortable shoes with arch support or put in special footwear insoles, with a recess under the heel spike.

• Every 2-3 hours lubricate the painful area of the foot warming balm or ointment. Perfect body balm “Golden mustache with cinquefoil” or ointment on the basis of bee venom.

• Popular treatment of heel spurs involves performing light exercise, helps develop leg. Walk around the room first on the sock, then on the inner side of the foot, and then on external. Do not overwork the leg, the load should be moderate.

Heel spurs: treatment of folk remedies chronic

If your disease has already passed into the chronic form, try not to load your legs unnecessarily. The disease is of an inflammatory nature and, therefore, its treatment must be approached comprehensively. Akalaitis, do gymnastics and be sure to do a full examination of the body. Provoke the heel spur can different factors for effective treatment it is necessary to establish the underlying cause.

As a folk treatment for heel spurs it is recommended to apply warm foot baths, compresses and massage, to perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the foot, lower leg and sole. If the pain becomes unbearable, you must comply with bed rest.

Foot baths and compresses

Mix 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil with 50 g of liquid ammonia. Dampen a cotton cloth in the solution and place on the sore spot. Do daily for 1-2 months.

Mash 1 tablet of aspirin and mix with a small amount of iodine. Cotton swab apply the resulting solution on the heel, repeat as necessary.

In a water bath dissolve 5 g mumie and 100 g of honey, cool. RUB the mixture on the night in a sore spot.

Tie the heel burdock or plantain, you can pour pepper in a sock. Plantain and burdock relieve inflammation, but the pepper warms the sore spot.

Popular treatment of heel spurs offers another means perfectly removes inflammation. Make a foot bath: mix a glass of his own urine with 0.5 liters of warm water. Keep affected leg in the solution for 20 min. then blot and put on warm socks.

You can do foot baths, adding in salt water – 3 tablespoons per liter of water. Hold the feet in hot salt solution for half an hour, then wipe and put on wool socks.

If you suffer from heel spurs, alternative therapies includes this method: mince black radish, apply the mixture at night to the affected area. The effect is usually seen after 3 treatments.

Popular treatment of heel spurs with the help of infusions

Tincture of lilac

Dried flowers lilac – 1 part vodka to 10 parts, pour, give infusions for 10 days, strain. A teaspoon of the mixture to dilute a small amount of water and take 2 times a day, and RUB the sore spot.

Tincture of cinquefoil marsh

Sold in finished form in the pharmacy. Must take medication before meals 3 times a day, diluting 1 tablespoon in a small amount of cool water.