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The business of collecting medicinal herbs and plants
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Shamans and mummy

The court in Altai was not allowed to conduct the burial of the ancient mummies which local religious leaders believe the sacred

The Gorno-Altaysk city court has left without satisfaction the claim of the local religious figure Which Keene. which is required to rebury found by archaeologists on the plateau Ukok, ancient mummy. According to the plaintiff, the extraction from the earth of the remains of a woman who lived two thousand years ago, led to natural disasters and social disasters. Akai Keene believes that the so-called “Princess of Ukok” has a sacred power that her grave was closed “the umbilical cord of the earth”, and now all the evil from the depths burst forth. He is going to appeal to the Supreme court of the Altai Republic. In the scientific community, the claim that a woman from Scythian graves is the mother of all Altaians, called far-fetched.

The Soviet government has made great efforts to eradicate shamanism in the Altai. As a result of traditional beliefs of the indigenous peoples of this region remained only at the grassroots level. The villagers secretly made simple ceremonies, referring special cases to the so-called “knowledgeable people”, that is, to those who attended the vision and who was thought, could hear the spirits. This centuries-old system of beliefs was lost in different parts of Gorny Altai rituals and their interpretations were different. This is the reason that in recent times began skladyvaetsya folk mythology .

Ancient mummy belonged to the Caucasoid race

Excavated on the plateau Ukok in 1993 Novosibirsk archeologist Natalia polosmak female burial was immediately recognized as an important scientific discovery, because in the lens of the ancient ice preserved not only the mummy with fine tattoos in “animal style”, but other organic materials, the entire funeral complex. Clothing, items of colored felt, even a piece of sacrificial meat. About the discovery of a lot of writing, and journalists for effect dubbed the woman, who belonged to long-extinct the so-called “Pazyryk culture “, the “Princess of Ukok” and “Princess of Altai”. So she was called in court Akai kine, although among the believers he refers to as the mummy AK-Kadyn, and in Russian-“White lady”. Philologist by training, a businessman Which Keene (aka – Sergey Kynyev) are not confused with the statement that a woman from the burial belonged to the Caucasoid race. Meanwhile, the Altai ethnic groups formed the Turkic and Mongol tribes. The ancestor, and the point, – says the plaintiff, who has their own ideas about ethnogenesis:

Scientists claim that we have nothing to do with Princess Ukok. But the people who inhabit the territory of the Altai Republic, indigenous, aboriginal. He is the Keeper of this territory for at least 2300 years. For some reason part of archaeological scientists from the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences taking into account, as the ethnographic part, that we, the modern Altaians, are the successors to this Princess and overall Pazyryk culture, never mention. Why, sitting across from me guys, the ethnic group of the Telengits, your rights are being violated – in fact, the administration of their religious, ideological, household traditions, traditions of your ancestors?!

Knowledgeable people warned that if they dig up the body of the Princess, it will happen disasters in Altai

The court again our request was rejected. It infringes on the rights of the guardians of this territory, the keepers of the mounds. In the indigenous population of the Altai Republic – a high degree of responsibility for their land. It’s not only for his people the responsibility, but the responsibility for living near people. According to our legends, disasters that occur, were presaged by. Knowledgeable people warned that if the dig up the body of the Princess, it will happen disasters in the Altai. Spoke, what not to do! If you do, there is an earthquake, will be suicide, there will be flooding, there will be hail, will of the disease, will be a very big problem. People just begin to die out, says Akay kine.