Seals that treat
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Folk recipes for women's health - Fashion, beauty, health, shopping, diet
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Cleansing the liver of toxins with herbs.

This method to clean the liver can be called a true “alarm”.

Consists of three stages:

Stage 1 . cleansing from parasites along with choleretic effect. Lasts 3 days.


Mix together the tarragon, tansy and buckthorn bark. The infusion is prepared with 1 tablespoon of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for about 2 hours. Drink one glass at intervals of 15-30 minutes at a time convenient for you. Better at night. Infusion bitter, not feel the taste, you can drink through a straw.

Stage 2 . Lasts 10 days.


the yarrow leaves (200 g),

To prepare the infusion: 1 tablespoon of yarrow herb brewed with one liter of boiling water, to insist 2 hours. Drink an infusion in the same pattern, but only for 10 days.

Stage 3 . Lasts 10 days.


shepherd’s purse (200 g)

Doing the same broth with yarrow and drink glass after 15-20 minutes.

Again, the infusions can start drinking at any convenient time of day: morning, after work. even at work, previously having poured the infusion in a thermos.

After finishing all three stages of the cleanse your liver will be cleansed. that will have positive effect on the whole organism.

Prostitytka need cleaning regularly, but not very often. Can 2 times a year.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder from stones.

Consists of three stages: 1 2 stage: it is necessary to drink a decoction of medicinal plants.


All mixed in equal proportions. To prepare the broth 4 tbsp means pour 2 liters of boiling water, put on fire and boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Then insist 30 minutes, filter and drink 200 ml to meals, for 30 days.

20 days use broth oats ( a handful of oats pour 1.5 l of boiling water and boil 30 minutes). The broth can be used not only as a drink but also as a useful basis for preparation of first courses.

Attention! Do not apply when very large stones. Can cause movement of the stones .

Liver cleansing with decoction of herbs and oats.

To prepare the broth pour into a saucepan one Cup oats, then put 3-4 tablespoons of leaves, cranberries and 2 tablespoons of birch buds. Then the whole mass pour 4 liters of boiling water, and let stand in a cool place for a day.

Prepare one decoction. Mash a Cup of berries and rose hips pour 1 Cup boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Steep for 45 minutes. Then strain this mixture. Then both infusion are connected together and mix thoroughly and leave for another day.

Every day before a meal drink an infusion. but first a little bit to warm up. Starting from 50 ml, and in the following days, an increase of 50 ml. the treatment is 10 weeks. Then do not a big break of 2 weeks, and repeat all over again. During this time, it is not recommended to consume meat products.

The cleansing of the liver celandine.

The course begin on a new moon. Used for 2-3 months.

The order of reception so — and-drink 7 days, 5 days break, and then again 7 days and alternate so drink receptions and breaks.

Method of preparation:

2st tablespoons chopped dry grass celandine pour in a thermos with boiling water (1l), insist half an hour. Cooled, squeeze. Taken 3 times a day 150 ml half an hour before meals.

Fee for liver cleansing with herbs:

In 2-3 quart saucepan fill with purified water and put collection. Then bring to the boil and boil 20-30 minutes on mom the fire and cooled.Then filter and bring the amount of broth up to 1.5 L. Begin to take on new moon. It is desirable to drink in the active period of the liver – since mid-February, March, and April, inclusive. Take every morning on an empty stomach before meals — 150 ml. a Course duration of 10 days. Then a break in the week. These 10 day courses you need to spend at least three week break between each.

Before beginning the cleaning procedures of the liver should be screened. That would not produce undesirable complications in the presence of stones and not only in the gallbladder but in the kidneys. Since many herbs have choleretic properties, but also diuretic. It is not advisable to carry out cleaning and during the exacerbation of any disease.