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The business of collecting medicinal herbs and plants

The collection and sale of medicinal plants

The collection and sale of medicinal herbs is a business that requires no financial investment. It can be main occupation and way of earning extra money.

Medicinal plants are willing to buy enterprise, specializing in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations, healers, engaged in folk medicine, individuals. Often their announcement of the acquisition of medicinal herbs can be found in the Newspapers or on the Internet.

Medicinal plants you can grow on your own summer cottage or gather in places of their natural habitat. From fragrant herbs and flowers to make teas, make tinctures, fill fragrant pillows, sachets or knit bath brooms.

If you like trips on the nature, walks in the woods, communing with nature, this activity will suit you perfectly. Do not need no expensive equipment, no additional space, no advertising. It is necessary to study special literature describing the properties of medicinal plants and methods of their collection and preparation.

After collecting the herbs they need to be properly dried by using recommendations detailed in special books, sometimes chop.

Some will rastenyte special conditions during drying, they will need a drying chamber. This is probably the only equipment that you may need in this kind of business. For grinding dry herbs, as a rule, use normal mortar.

Herbs or when their charges are ready, the time comes to implement them. There are several possibilities to establish the marketing.

contract with pharmacies;

contact with companies specializing in the manufacture of natural medicines;

sale on the ads.

The cost of herbs

Here are a few examples that will help you to understand what kind of profit is involved. This is a very common and popular herbs and spices, constant demand.

Licorice root

Licorice root is widely used as a medicine for asthma, colds, stomach ulcers. It also possesses immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects. Licorice root is used in the preparation of compotes, marinades, pastes, etc.

Pounds extract is 1 850 rubles per kilogram.

Elecampane root


Yarrow is popular and is in high demand, because the range of effects of active substances with which he is endowed, very wide. It helps with bleeding, atherosclerosis, liver disease and asthma. Also yarrow is traditionally used for gastritis, helminthiases, burns, eczema and psoriasis.

Kilogram of dry yarrow costs 300 rubles.


Implement raw material can:

pharmacies and shops selling medicinal herbs;

the pharmaceutical and food industry. First of all, you need to find out about the requirements that these companies have supplied raw materials.

You can collect and dry herbs choose to take them after large suppliers, and can organise a collection point of medicinal herbs. In this case it is better to buy raw whole plants and after a thorough inspection to dry them and sell. With this approach, you will need a drying chamber or outdoor dryer with sieve tray and hot air.

Start harvesting of plants it is possible and without the dryer, when the business begins to generate revenues, will acquire and staff of collectors, and dryer. In future, we can establish the cultivation of herbs on a rented plot of land.

This business idea can be a way to earn additional income, allowing them to spend their free time. It is also a great idea for seniors and students.

In the future, it may expand and bring quite a considerable profit. We wish you success in this rewarding business. Even if you are not able to achieve a lot of income, your health you modderite, collecting medicinal plants.