Healing AZ
Healing is a system of knowledge, which in respect of itself or another person leads to health. Health is a harmonious balance between inner and outer, mind, feelings and body.…

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Shamans and mummy
The court in Altai was not allowed to conduct the burial of the ancient mummies which local religious leaders believe the sacred The Gorno-Altaysk city court has left without satisfaction…

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Hyperhidrosis: treatment of folk remedies at home

Hyperhidrosis. The so-called sweating . Sweating is a normal physiological process with which we in everyday life are faced on a daily basis. It is human nature to sweat: during intense physical activity under high temperature when sick, and it has increased body temperature, in response to emotional stress. In case of normal sweating much inconvenience we experience. But when sweating, it becomes a painful issue, especially for those who work with people. And it’s not just that it is unsightly, but in that hyperhidrosis is a symptom of what is not all right in our Kingdom called the body. The examples are not far to seek: heavy sweating stop leads to fungus diseases of toe nails that lead to fungus infection of the internal organs and General poor health. Excessive sweating says that a person has violated water-lipid balance, and any breach is an indicator of disease and ill health. That is why it is necessary to treat hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis treatment folk remedies

Hyperhidrosis is most often localized, that is, only certain parts of the body — your palms. feet, armpits, head, and rarely all at once. Continue reading

Where does the bald head?

Baldness is often associated with problems that only affect men: hair loss accuse the male hormone testosterone. This male hair loss is a specific type of disease and is called “androgenic alopecia”.

Scientists from the University of Granada believe that early hair loss should be to men a Wake-up call: it suggests the possibility of prostate enlargement, and hair loss after 50 years is directly related to BPH.

However, women hair loss suffer can too, but in their case, it indicates the presence of hormonal disorders and need to seek help from an endocrinologist.

Hormone imbalance is exacerbated by heredity. You should pay attention, at what age have started to lose hair your close relatives. In 2010 scientists at Columbia University published an article in the journal Nature, in which told about first discovered the genes that cause hair loss. The researchers were able to establish that the same genes affect the emergence of other diseases, such as arthritis or diabetes. Continue reading

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is now deservedly at the peak of popularity. After all, the official is not available to all because of the high cost of services and medications, and cure one, injure another. The medication destroys our liver and kidneys, promotes the development of allergic reactions. Having lost faith, we pull out the old notebooks and turn to homemade recipes.

At the origins of official medicine was folk medicine. About it we tell our grandmothers, but I prefer to warn her doctors. Sometimes, when the absent-minded self, it causes terrible complications of the disease, and in some cases saves the lives of seemingly hopeless patients. So whether or not to trust folk remedies or not? Only you can solve, and responsibility for their health and life borne by each for himself. Your health is in your hands.

We provide you with a collection of folk recipes treatment of various ailments, but for informational purposes only, and disclaim responsibility for the consequences of applying either a prescription without medical supervision. For more, read the disclaimer . Continue reading

The use of medicinal plants

The use of medicinal plants, to help nurse, biographies of men of science and medicine

The vegetation of Russia is diverse – from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. The main reason for all this diversity — differences in climate in different areas. On the rugged North you can find a carpet of plants with the advantage of lichens, in our part of Russia where the weather is more favorable, the most common trees in the South — where summer is hot and very low humidity, there may be basically a group of steppe and desert plants.

Most forty percent of the medical drugs used are the drugs of vegetable origin, obtained almost always from 300 useful herbs for use by the Ministry of health of the country. In our medicine covers more than 2500 medicinal herbs . Continue reading

The benefits and harms of potato juice

Potato juice with biological properties relate to strong activators of inflammatory processes, and mineral composition — the most valuable therapeutic concentrate. Useful properties of potato juice is widely used in folk medicine. So, consider, how useful potato juice.

It helps with the belching, heartburn, and gastric bleeding. Heartburn it is necessary to clean a potato of medium size, cut into small pieces and chewing slowly, one after the other.

Freshly squeezed potato juice cleanses the whole body. Mixed juice of celery and carrot juice it is very good for nervous disorders and indigestion. Daily consumption of 500 grams of beetroot, carrot, cucumber and potato juice often gives a positive result within a rather short period, only if from the diet excluded all meat and fish products.

Grated raw potatoes are considered a good remedy for healing eczema, burns and other skin lesions. Pounded mass of raw potato applied to the affected skin areas. You can also soak freshly squeezed potato juice with a gauze bandage and apply it to the inflamed location. Bandages at atompolitik be changed after 4-6 hours. Continue reading

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The use of medicinal plants
The use of medicinal plants, to help nurse, biographies of men of science and medicine The vegetation of Russia is diverse - from tundra in the far North, to the…


Anemia treatment folk remedies
Under anemia (anemia) realize a significant reduction in the number of red blood cells in the blood. It is a condition when the blood does not carry enough oxygen to…

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