Medicinal plants on the windowsill
Many indoor plants have healing properties. They are used as valuable medicinal plants in their homeland. It is known that from Sudanese hibiscus raw material for the famous hibiscus tea…

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Tatiana the Ural folk healer: the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient, treatment for the back
Tatiana The Ural Learning Magic and Healing in the Magical School of Sciences The first set of Students for training. Classes in the theoretical foundations and practical skills of magic.…

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The main differences from real doctors “healers”

Reveal the secrets of the stars “folk medicine”.

Most people consider themselves to be fairly experienced and demanding customers, which is not so easy to cheat. However, judging by the fact that recently again there was a fashion for the treatment of various “healers”, “psychics” and “healers”, in pseudoscience and alternative medicine, many are still surprisingly gullible. Fortunately, the methods and the rhetoric of adherents of non-academic medical science for centuries isn’t really changed, so to distinguish quackery from real medicine quite easily. Here are some main signs of the “magicians” from pseudoscience.

1. “Secret knowledge”

One of the main signs of pseudo-medical claims to secret knowledge. If the “miracle healer” says that great-great-grandmama is a witch gave him the secret recipe ointment, allow 15 minutes to cope with its worst stage of cancer, it is not necessary to spend your time and money. Continue reading

Harvesting of medicinal plants

Nature took care of us by giving many different medicinal plants . including vegetables. They are close to the person. We learned to grow and prepare for the future.

When summer in the gardens and orchards there is an active harvesting. But not too late to think about harvesting medicinal plants.

medicinal plants

Medicinal value of herbal raw materials is determined by the amount of the contained biologically active substances. Therefore, it is extremely important to the proper conduct of procurement process of raw materials, starting with harvesting and ending with the organization of proper storage.

Before proceeding to the collection of medicinal plants, it is necessary to know the rules of harvesting herbal raw material and strictly adhere to them:

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Traditional medicine of South America

Holistic medicine

People – a complete system – that is the basic concept of alternative medicine, referred to as “holistic”.

“Traditional medicine tries to treat the cause of the disease, but a symptom, which that is manifested. The majority of doctors specializing in some narrow field, focus on a particular problem, forgetting that the body is a single unit and should be treated no consequence, but the cause of the disease. When she is discovered and cured – symptoms will be gone, and all body systems will be healthy. So seeks to be holistic medicine, while offering a wide range of methods and techniques find and fix the root cause” – so a homeopath Basil Romanchenko briefly describes the essence of holistic approach in medicine that stretches back thousands of years. Continue reading