The main differences from real doctors "healers"
Reveal the secrets of the stars "folk medicine". Most people consider themselves to be fairly experienced and demanding customers, which is not so easy to cheat. However, judging by the…

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Lamb fat: benefit, harm
Lamb fat is most often used in Caucasian and Oriental cuisine. The Europeans, it is rarely used. This product is prepared from a rump (a special "bag" behind the special…

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5 medicinal plants that can be grown at home – Step to Health

No matter whether you live in a big house or a modest apartment, medicinal plants can be grown all year round. It is sufficient to allocate space for multiple pots regularly to water the plants and provide them with natural sunlight. Aloe Vera, mint, chamomile… natural will be your assistant in maintaining the health of the whole family. In addition, the kids love to watch grow green Pets.

In our article we will tell you which herbs you can grow on your own windowsill and what useful properties they possess.

Useful herbs and plants

Just imagine, at your disposal all year round will have a small garden in which you will collect the useful plants and use them at any convenient time! Colds, pain in the abdomen, a wound that heals… long time — these and other issues will solve your green helpers. Nature is wise and wonderful, she gives us medicine for almost all diseases, we need only to accept this generous gift.

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Hyperhidrosis: treatment of folk remedies at home

Hyperhidrosis. The so-called sweating . Sweating is a normal physiological process with which we in everyday life are faced on a daily basis. It is human nature to sweat: during intense physical activity under high temperature when sick, and it has increased body temperature, in response to emotional stress. In case of normal sweating much inconvenience we experience. But when sweating, it becomes a painful issue, especially for those who work with people. And it’s not just that it is unsightly, but in that hyperhidrosis is a symptom of what is not all right in our Kingdom called the body. The examples are not far to seek: heavy sweating stop leads to fungus diseases of toe nails that lead to fungus infection of the internal organs and General poor health. Excessive sweating says that a person has violated water-lipid balance, and any breach is an indicator of disease and ill health. That is why it is necessary to treat hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis treatment folk remedies

Hyperhidrosis is most often localized, that is, only certain parts of the body — your palms. feet, armpits, head, and rarely all at once. Continue reading

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is now deservedly at the peak of popularity. After all, the official is not available to all because of the high cost of services and medications, and cure one, injure another. The medication destroys our liver and kidneys, promotes the development of allergic reactions. Having lost faith, we pull out the old notebooks and turn to homemade recipes.

At the origins of official medicine was folk medicine. About it we tell our grandmothers, but I prefer to warn her doctors. Sometimes, when the absent-minded self, it causes terrible complications of the disease, and in some cases saves the lives of seemingly hopeless patients. So whether or not to trust folk remedies or not? Only you can solve, and responsibility for their health and life borne by each for himself. Your health is in your hands.

We provide you with a collection of folk recipes treatment of various ailments, but for informational purposes only, and disclaim responsibility for the consequences of applying either a prescription without medical supervision. For more, read the disclaimer . Continue reading