Types of medicinal herbs
The most ancient medicines in the world, medicinal plants are difficult to enumerate and classify — so a lot of them. But today, the problem of such regulation becomes even…

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and its methods
The principles of traditional Chinese medicine largely coincide with my personal worldview of health, its value, perception of human — not as a mechanistic set of organs and tissues of…

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is now deservedly at the peak of popularity. After all, the official is not available to all because of the high cost of services and medications, and cure one, injure another. The medication destroys our liver and kidneys, promotes the development of allergic reactions. Having lost faith, we pull out the old notebooks and turn to homemade recipes.

At the origins of official medicine was folk medicine. About it we tell our grandmothers, but I prefer to warn her doctors. Sometimes, when the absent-minded self, it causes terrible complications of the disease, and in some cases saves the lives of seemingly hopeless patients. So whether or not to trust folk remedies or not? Only you can solve, and responsibility for their health and life borne by each for himself. Your health is in your hands.

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The benefits and harms of potato juice

Potato juice with biological properties relate to strong activators of inflammatory processes, and mineral composition — the most valuable therapeutic concentrate. Useful properties of potato juice is widely used in folk medicine. So, consider, how useful potato juice.

It helps with the belching, heartburn, and gastric bleeding. Heartburn it is necessary to clean a potato of medium size, cut into small pieces and chewing slowly, one after the other.

Freshly squeezed potato juice cleanses the whole body. Mixed juice of celery and carrot juice it is very good for nervous disorders and indigestion. Daily consumption of 500 grams of beetroot, carrot, cucumber and potato juice often gives a positive result within a rather short period, only if from the diet excluded all meat and fish products.

Grated raw potatoes are considered a good remedy for healing eczema, burns and other skin lesions. Pounded mass of raw potato applied to the affected skin areas. You can also soak freshly squeezed potato juice with a gauze bandage and apply it to the inflamed location. Bandages at atompolitik be changed after 4-6 hours. Continue reading

Treatment gland folk remedies

Open your mouth, and you will see two small outgrowth on either side of the rear wall of the throat. These are your tonsils. Above on the back wall of the pharynx and not visible to the naked eye a pair of glands known as adenoids. Both tonsils and adenoids are responsible for protecting the body from bacterial and viral infections. As a result to fend off harmful bacteria, viruses and harmful substances, tonsils and adenoids are themselves vulnerable to infection.

Swollen or infected tonsils or adenoids is a common complaint in children. Toddlers and children who develop swollen adenoids or enlarged tonsils are suffering from symptoms such as congestion of the nasal passages, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, headaches and swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Natural Treatment:

Traditional treatments for enlarged adenoids and tonsils may be too strong for toddlers and children. In such cases, natural remedies to reduce the swelling and ease the symptoms of preferable. However, before starting any new treatment or alternative therapy, always consult your doctor or a pediatrician. Some herbs and home remedies can counteract with medications and cause side effects and complications.

Popular home remedies for enlarged tonsils and adenoids as follows:

Gargle with warm salt water to reduce swelling and pain caused by enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Continue reading