Hyperhidrosis: treatment of folk remedies at home
Hyperhidrosis. The so-called sweating . Sweating is a normal physiological process with which we in everyday life are faced on a daily basis. It is human nature to sweat: during…

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Folk remedies from psoriasis, traditional methods of treating psoriasis how to cure psoriasis folk remedies
Have long wanted to tell you about folk remedies from psoriasis . as popular treatment relevant today, so keep reading to find out the national psoriasis treatment methods and most…

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is now deservedly at the peak of popularity. After all, the official is not available to all because of the high cost of services and medications, and cure one, injure another. The medication destroys our liver and kidneys, promotes the development of allergic reactions. Having lost faith, we pull out the old notebooks and turn to homemade recipes.

At the origins of official medicine was folk medicine. About it we tell our grandmothers, but I prefer to warn her doctors. Sometimes, when the absent-minded self, it causes terrible complications of the disease, and in some cases saves the lives of seemingly hopeless patients. So whether or not to trust folk remedies or not? Only you can solve, and responsibility for their health and life borne by each for himself. Your health is in your hands.

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The use of medicinal plants

The use of medicinal plants, to help nurse, biographies of men of science and medicine

The vegetation of Russia is diverse – from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. The main reason for all this diversity — differences in climate in different areas. On the rugged North you can find a carpet of plants with the advantage of lichens, in our part of Russia where the weather is more favorable, the most common trees in the South — where summer is hot and very low humidity, there may be basically a group of steppe and desert plants.

Most forty percent of the medical drugs used are the drugs of vegetable origin, obtained almost always from 300 useful herbs for use by the Ministry of health of the country. In our medicine covers more than 2500 medicinal herbs . Continue reading

The main differences from real doctors “healers”

Reveal the secrets of the stars “folk medicine”.

Most people consider themselves to be fairly experienced and demanding customers, which is not so easy to cheat. However, judging by the fact that recently again there was a fashion for the treatment of various “healers”, “psychics” and “healers”, in pseudoscience and alternative medicine, many are still surprisingly gullible. Fortunately, the methods and the rhetoric of adherents of non-academic medical science for centuries isn’t really changed, so to distinguish quackery from real medicine quite easily. Here are some main signs of the “magicians” from pseudoscience.

1. “Secret knowledge”

One of the main signs of pseudo-medical claims to secret knowledge. If the “miracle healer” says that great-great-grandmama is a witch gave him the secret recipe ointment, allow 15 minutes to cope with its worst stage of cancer, it is not necessary to spend your time and money. Continue reading