Alfalfa: the benefits and harms, therapeutic properties and contraindications, use in folk medicine
The common man will attract Lucerne as a beautiful field of grass. You might want to add it to a wreath or bouquet. But herbalists, farmers and even some chefs…

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Cleansing the liver of toxins with herbs.
This method to clean the liver can be called a true "alarm". Consists of three stages: Stage 1 . cleansing from parasites along with choleretic effect. Lasts 3 days. Recipe:…

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Boiled onion – benefits, harms, calorie

Use boiled onions

Onion is known to every person and everybody knows how he looks like. However, not everyone can say exactly what and in what quantities it contains.

Are present in onions: vitamins A, b, C; acetic acid; phosphoric acid; minerals; enzymes; essential oils .

Due to its rich content of nutrients and vitamins onions have to be included in daily diet.

There are several types of onions and each variety has its own unique set of vitamins and nutrients.

It is useful to red onion. It is used in folk medicine for the treatment of many diseases, particularly problems with obesity.

Great onion stimulates the liver, kidneys and nervous system. It has good antiseptic, anti-infective and diuretic. It can be used to clear problem skin and the entire body in its entirety. Continue reading

The use of medicinal herbs and dietary Supplements in the complex treatment of helminthiasis

Ways of cleansing the body from parasites

Using the device “Neofors”, destroying settled in Your body of parasites, it is important to remember not least is the process of purification. When the degradation products of pathogenic micro and macroparasites enter the blood in large quantity, there comes an intoxication. She feels worse, a headache, chills, fever, can manifest pain. Therefore, it is necessary to help your body withdraw all slag and clean it.

The use of medicinal herbs and dietary Supplements in the complex treatment of helminthiasis

The next aspect in the fight against parasites – increase immune system using herbs. Necessary to support those agencies that play a special role.

This is primarily the spleen. This body, which receives and renews old blood, participates in the work reproducing system, produces lymphocytes involved in antitumor protection.

Also an Appendix: it produces all the vitamins of group B. This place is really like roundworm and pinworm – squatting there “for vitamins”, they destroy tissue, contributing to their inflammation. Continue reading

Types of medicinal herbs

The most ancient medicines in the world, medicinal plants are difficult to enumerate and classify — so a lot of them. But today, the problem of such regulation becomes even more complicated due to the fact that plants from different regions and countries can be easily transported around the world and are applied even where they’ve never heard before.

In addition, each specialist depending on the task or the desire to categorize all kinds of medicinal plants as on the part used for medicinal purposes, and the diseases that plants are treated. And it is clear that used today, the term “herb” is not quite correct: as “herbs” in many cases use parts of shrubs and trees, but tradition is tradition.

So let’s understand the order, what types of herbs there are and how they are used in medicine.

Types of medicinal plants

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