Korean folk recipes of beauty
Lip care - Healthy, beautiful, soft, fairly bulky and velvet lips – isn't it the dream of many modern women? But, even with those lips from nature, with little care…

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Folk remedies from psoriasis, traditional methods of treating psoriasis how to cure psoriasis folk remedies
Have long wanted to tell you about folk remedies from psoriasis . as popular treatment relevant today, so keep reading to find out the national psoriasis treatment methods and most…

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Seals that treat

Tuliptree – unique know-how of trainers Murmansk Oceanarium. Seals are generally considered to be unpredictable animals. And if in some aquariums are allowed even swim with a shark, cute mustache crumbs – seals can be observed only through the glass. However, the introduction of a new treatment programme has yielded positive results, really comparable to internationally accepted Dolphin.

Seals – pinnipeds carnivorous mammals. There are many five-foot creation (the seal), and the mighty giants with a length of over 6 meters and weighing 3.5 tons (sea elephants). Despite the apparent awkwardness, they are excellent swimmers and can reach a speed of 24 km/h. in addition, the seals are doing fine. For example, the Weddell seal, which reaches a depth of 600 metres, remaining underwater for more than an hour.

In aquariums contain mostly small species. They love water temperature 10-11 degrees, but the pools were maintained to a maximum of 17 degrees (in such water does not get cold the divers, watching the aquarium). Near the seals look like a huge fluffy cat with a kind and attentive whiskered snouts, which I want to Pat. However, these lovely creatures have long nails (over 10 cm) and their caress not recommended – can snap. But usually they are good-natured,especially when the crawl on the surface. Continue reading

Lamb fat: benefit, harm

Lamb fat is most often used in Caucasian and Oriental cuisine. The Europeans, it is rarely used. This product is prepared from a rump (a special “bag” behind the special variety of sheep) and sheep internal fat of the carcass. Regarding animal fats, there is a lot of controversy. Some consider them useful, others “poison”. The truth, as always, somewhere in the middle. Than helpful and when harmful mutton fat?


Commercially available three kinds of lamb fat:

Higher . Is obtained by melting the fresh internal fat and tail parts. In finished form white, solid. Allowed slightly yellowish tint. In the molten state is transparent.

1st grade . We provide qualitative crude fat. Has a slightly greyish or greenish tint. In melted form – transparent.

2nd grade . Also done from the crude fat of good quality. In molten form the slight haze.

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Hyperhidrosis: treatment of folk remedies at home

Hyperhidrosis. The so-called sweating . Sweating is a normal physiological process with which we in everyday life are faced on a daily basis. It is human nature to sweat: during intense physical activity under high temperature when sick, and it has increased body temperature, in response to emotional stress. In case of normal sweating much inconvenience we experience. But when sweating, it becomes a painful issue, especially for those who work with people. And it’s not just that it is unsightly, but in that hyperhidrosis is a symptom of what is not all right in our Kingdom called the body. The examples are not far to seek: heavy sweating stop leads to fungus diseases of toe nails that lead to fungus infection of the internal organs and General poor health. Excessive sweating says that a person has violated water-lipid balance, and any breach is an indicator of disease and ill health. That is why it is necessary to treat hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis treatment folk remedies

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